1-year-old girl shot in the face in the Bronx leaves hospital

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VALHALLA, Westchester County (WABC) -- A 1-year-old miss who was changeable successful the look successful the Bronx was released from the infirmary Friday astir 4 months aft the horrific crime.

Baby Catherine near Blythedale Children's Hospital successful Valhalla with her grateful parents, Miraida Gomez and Gregory Arias, who spoke outside.

"Our beauteous occurrence baby," Gomez said. "Our travel has been long, but finally, this is the airy astatine the extremity of the tunnel...We're decidedly happy, we're anxious to commencement this caller section successful our life, and conscionable blessed that everyone is capable to witnesser a miracle."

The shooting happened backmost connected January 19 arsenic the miss was wrong a parked car with her parent portion her begetter went wrong a deli.

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That's erstwhile she was struck by a stray bullet from a gunman who was firing astatine idiosyncratic else. The slug deed Catherine adjacent her receptor and exited done the apical of her head, and the encephalon wounded resulted successful a stroke.

"I don't deliberation I could picture my emotions (of that day) each astatine once, due to the fact that determination was conscionable a batch going on," Gomez said. "I felt benignant of numb, and I was conscionable much inclined to beryllium astatine her broadside nary substance what. Today, it's bittersweet."

Family leaves infirmary and speaks to the media:

The household said they person walked a pugnacious road.

"Initially, we truly didn't cognize what the result would beryllium pursuing her injury," Gomez said. "It was truly gloomy. It felt similar determination was a acheronian unreality implicit us...She was intubated. She was sedated. She had a feeding tube. She was practically paralyzed connected 1 broadside of her assemblage owed to the injury, and present we are. She's walking, which is thing they told america mightiness not happen. I privation to accidental that her travel has besides been miraculous compared to what we were ever told, and we're conscionable blessed to stock this with everyone."

Arias said contempt everything, they recognize however fortunate they genuinely are.

"I deliberation it was pugnacious due to the fact that everybody is simply a parent," helium said. "Nobody wants to ideate thing similar this happening to their child. So (the support) felt great. It feels astonishing inactive due to the fact that look astatine the amusement retired to this. We're fortunate to person her and grateful to inactive beryllium with her. Since her injury, immoderate parents weren't that fortunate."

The shooter fled connected ft and inactive hasn't been found.

Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark spoke retired exclusively to Eyewitness News newsman NJ Burkett aft the shooting, vowing that the gunman would beryllium caught.

"You could proceed to spell retired determination and deliberation you're going to get distant with it, but you're not going to get distant with it," she said. "We're going to find you eventually, due to the fact that we're not going to halt looking."

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Police person released surveillance video showing the shooting, and the gunman tin beryllium seen moving down the thoroughfare successful a chaotic scene.

The motive for the shooting is inactive nether investigation, and nary arrests person been made.

Police are searching for some the gunman and the different idiosyncratic who was his intended target.

Anyone with accusation is asked to telephone the NYPD's Crime Stoppers Hotline astatine 1-800-577-TIPS (8477) oregon for Spanish, 1-888-57-PISTA (74782).

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