11 Things We Learned From The J.D. Vance Oppo Dump

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Every U.S. Senate campaigner has 1 — a heavy record of absorption research, usually commissioned some by opponents and by the campaigner themselves. These dossiers tin revealing thing from a speeding summons oregon a atrocious societal media station to nude photos oregon a $1,250 men’s haircut.

Shortly aft writer J.D. Vance won Ohio’s GOP Senate superior this week, Politico reported the beingness of a public website containing absorption probe published by a pro-Vance ace PAC.

The trove of information includes a 177-page “vulnerability analysis” connected the first-time candidate, revealing everything that could beryllium utilized against him successful the contention ― including each the antagonistic things he’s said astir erstwhile President Donald Trump, articles helium wrote arsenic a Yale Law student, and societal media posts astir getting hammered.

“Every run has a self-oppo book; it’s standard,” said Taylor Van Kirk, a spokesperson for Vance. “Most of what’s successful ours has already been reported.”

Here are a fewer things we learned speechmaking done the report:

Vance’s allies are good alert of each the “bad shit” helium said astir Trump

The “Hillbilly Elegy” writer has owned up to the information that helium didn’t ballot for Trump successful 2016, and said it took immoderate clip for him to travel astir to the erstwhile president. The vulnerability investigation notes the laundry database of unflattering things Vance has said astir Trump, which didn’t fto up until 2018. Here’s what the study says:

Vance utilized assorted descriptions of his disdain for Trump. Vance said helium was a “Never Trump guy,” “never liked him,” “will ne'er ballot for Trump,” “loathed” Trump, called Trump’s predetermination “terrible for the country,” and described him arsenic “dangerous” and “reprehensible.” Vance claimed to person voted for Independent campaigner Evan McMullin successful 2016, but antecedently said helium mightiness ballot for Hillary Clinton if it appeared that Trump would triumph successful 2016. Vance criticized Trump’s argumentation proposals, saying they ranged “from immoral to absurd.” Vance likened Trump’s candidacy to heroin for his supporters and accused him of appealing to racism and xenophobia. Vance expressed enactment for women who accused Trump of sexually assaulting them, and wondered connected Twitter “what percent of the American colonisation has @RealDonaldTrump sexually assaulted?”

This didn’t halt Trump from endorsing Vance for the GOP Senate nomination.

There’s nary grounds of Vance voting betwixt 2008 and 2016

Vance didn’t ballot successful astir a decade’s worthy of elections portion bouncing betwixt California, Connecticut, Ohio and Washington, D.C.

“Vance failed to ballot betwixt the 2008 wide predetermination and the 2016 wide election, and has not voted successful a Republican superior since 2008,” the study says. “The elections helium missed included statesmanlike elections and the 2010 predetermination for the nonstop spot helium mightiness seek.”

Vance besides hasn’t contributed overmuch wealth to governmental candidates

Vance has contributed sparingly to Republicans implicit the years, giving $1,000 to Sen. Rob Portman (Ohio), whose spot he’s trying to claim, and $500 to North Carolina legislature campaigner Dan Driscoll.

Vance showing enactment    for "hil-dog."
Vance showing enactment for "hil-dog."


Vance erstwhile praised “hil-dog” for her comments astir LGBTQ individuals

In 2010, Vance praised then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton connected Facebook for supportive comments she made aft respective young LGBTQ radical died by suicide.

The since-deleted station said: “Preach it, hil-dog. Not atrocious for a stinkin’ leftist (I kid I kid).”

The study besides notes assorted instances of Vance appearing to enactment Clinton and different bêtes noires of the Republican Party.

Vance wasn’t conscionable a Trump professional ― helium has besides made affirmative remarks astir Democrats, including Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, and the Clintons. After the 2016 election, Vance wrote an op-ed that expressed admiration for President Obama titled, “Barack Obama And Me.” In 2012, Vance said helium would lend each his wealth to Obama — who helium credited with believing successful a “strong nationalist defense” — if Ron Paul was the Republican nominee. Prior to the 2020 election, Vance said Bernie Sanders was his favourite Democrat moving successful the primary. And, portion reflecting connected Bill Clinton’s presidency and acknowledging his faults, Vance said helium antecedently “admired” President Clinton, calling him “one of us.” He adjacent offered praise for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Democrat Convention, calling it “a solemnisation of America’s promise” arsenic compared to the “cynical flavor” of Trump’s convention.

Vance's instrumentality    school-era Facebook posts reek of millennial bacchanalia.
Vance's instrumentality school-era Facebook posts reek of millennial bacchanalia.


Vance liked to party, cringey millennial-style

The study dug into aged societal media posts showing that Vance, similar immoderate elder millennial, liked to person a bully clip successful the aboriginal 2000s and station excessively overmuch astir it connected Facebook.

While Vance was enrolled astatine Yale Law School successful 2010, helium posted astir playing “beer pong,” going to instrumentality schoolhouse to larn “how to beryllium an alcoholic,” and “eating sushi and getting wasted for his 23rd” birthday.

Vance joked astir getting drunk astatine an predetermination nighttime enactment this week, but the acquisition isn’t the aforesaid for him now.

“I’m 37 years old. I’ve got my solemnisation bundle — a battalion of Gatorade, a mates of Advil and immoderate Tums. I’m not the aforesaid antheral I was 10 years ago,” helium said.

Vance’s $1.4 cardinal Cincinnati location was thought to beryllium a halt connected the Underground Railroad

Vance, who is besides a task capitalist, purchased a 5,000-square-foot location successful Cincinnati’s tony East Walnut Hills. The location was built successful 1858, and comes with affluent past ― including the lore that it was erstwhile a halt connected the Underground Railroad, the web that helped enslaved radical flight to the escaped states. But former homeowners said they ne'er discovered thing successful the location to enactment that claim.

Vance's location  successful  Cincinnati.
Vance's location successful Cincinnati.


The five-bedroom, 5.5-bathroom location overlooks the Ohio River and has a carriage house, a gated pool, and hiking trails connected 3 acres.

The location is astir 35 miles from wherever Vance grew up successful Middletown, Ohio.

His woman clerked for Supreme Court justices

Vance met his wife, Usha, astatine Yale Law School. As an attorney, she clerked for Brett Kavanaugh, a Trump nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court, portion helium was a justice connected the U.S. Court of Appeals successful D.C. She besides clerked for Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. (Vance, meanwhile, worked astatine the white-shoe instrumentality steadfast Sidley Austin.)

The study besides notes that successful 2017, Vance and his woman established abstracted location bases, helium successful Columbus and she successful D.C., truthful they could each prosecute their careers. That was a twelvemonth aft Vance released his best-selling memoir, and helium returned to Ohio to bash task superior enactment and commencement a nonprofit.

Vance’s Ohio nonprofit was a bust

Vance’s nonprofit, Our Ohio Renewal, was aimed astatine combating the state’s opioid epidemic. According to nationalist taxation records, though, it didn’t bash overmuch of anything, and has mostly been inactive since 2017 — contempt Vance claiming otherwise.

The study reads:

Vance discussed the nonprofit galore times successful interviews, and it is often mentioned successful biographical worldly for Vance. Despite the stated intentions of Our Ohio Renewal, the enactment does not look to beryllium outwardly engaged based connected disposable nationalist records. IRS records bespeak the nonprofit has been mostly defunct since 2017, reporting raising little than $50,000 successful 2018 and 2019. In a 2019 interview, Vance maintained that Our Ohio Renewal was inactive active, contempt the organization’s website being down. When Our Ohio Renewal was active, records bespeak that the constricted magnitude raised was spent mostly connected unit salaries and overhead, with $0 spent connected charitable activities and grants.

Vance is simply a Big Tech professional who owes his vocation to Big Tech

A main plank of Vance’s run is criticizing tech giants for supposedly unfairly minimizing blimpish viewpoints, but Vance fundamentally owes his vocation to the men down Big Tech platforms.

“Vance has positioned himself arsenic a professional of Big Tech and protagonist of accrued regularisation of the industry,” the study states. “But Vance’s vocation has been heavy financed by the leaders of Big Tech. Investors successful Rise of the Rest, the money that Vance helped manage, see Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and erstwhile Google CEO Eric Schmidt.”

Vance besides founded Narya Capital, a task superior steadfast based successful Ohio and partially funded by Schmidt and 2 Facebook directors. Before that, helium worked for Revolution LLC, a steadfast that the study notes was started by AOL laminitis Steve Case.

Vance’s run was besides bankrolled by tech billionaire Peter Thiel, a PayPal co-founder and aboriginal Facebook capitalist who poured $13 cardinal into the ace PAC supporting Vance.

Vance grew up James Hamel

For a time, Vance utilized his stepfather’s surname, Hamel, which is the sanction helium went by successful his precocious schoolhouse years. He aboriginal changed his sanction to Vance, his paternal grandfather’s past name.

Vance is simply a subordinate of the constitution elite

Even though Vance grew up modestly, he’s acknowledged that his acquisition and vocation way marque him a subordinate of the aforesaid elite people helium rails against. He owns a bully house, lives successful an exclusive neighborhood, and has an Ivy League acquisition and entree to affluent connections.

“I respond viscerally to this thought that I americium a subordinate of the elite, adjacent though it’s objectively true,” Vance told the Financial Times successful 2018.

In 2017, The Washington Post included this item astir however beingness has changed for Vance since his book: He ate a $46 steak, drank a $17 martini and stayed successful a $700-a-night edifice country for a code helium gave astatine the New York City University Club.

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