16 dogs rescued after found chained in woods

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KANSAS CITY, Ks. (KCTV) - Sixteen rescued dogs are recovering astatine KCK Animal Services. Rescuers accidental the dogs were freed from horrific conditions aft they were near to unrecorded unsocial successful the woods.

KCK Animal Services Director Ashley Scott says the dogs are adjusting incredibly good and volition soon beryllium disposable for adoption.

“All these guys were connected dense heavy chains,” Scott said. “They bash person wounds from those dense chains and collars due to the fact that they were connected truthful tight.”

While executing a hunt warrant, investigators discovered the 16 dogs. KCK Animal Services responded to bring the dogs to the structure to beryllium assessed and treated.

“We knew that we could not permission these guys behind. There is nary mode these animals were getting capable shelter,” Scott said. “The canine houses were falling apart. They were lasting successful respective inches of mud and water. They had nary nutrient and nary water.”

Rescuers hiked and utilized ATVs to bring the dogs retired of the woods safely.

“We had to hike the remainder of the mode by foot. It was excessively muddy for a subject people ATV to get to,” Scott said. “I would accidental it was astir a 4th mile into the woods. We were capable to instrumentality 1 canine astatine a time.”

Scott says erstwhile the dogs are spayed oregon neutered, they volition beryllium acceptable to find caller homes.

“They were truthful blessed to beryllium retired of that environment. They’ve fixed thing but emotion to america truthful far,” Scott said. “They are each precise saccharine and precise gentle adjacent with different animals.”

Friends of KCK Animal Services are collecting donations for aesculapian attraction for the rescued dogs.

“This is wherefore I bash what I do. We tin instrumentality an carnal surviving successful those conditions with nary love, and they are resilient and forgiving adjacent erstwhile they shouldn’t be,” Scott said. “We tin effort to springiness them the champion beingness that they should person ever had.”

Anyone funny successful fostering oregon adopting is encouraged to interaction KCK Animal Services to acceptable up a conscionable and greet by emailing [email protected] oregon calling 913-321-1445.

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