17 Weird Mother's Day Gifts For Your Very Strange Mom

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When it comes to Mother’s Day, excessively galore radical autumn backmost connected the tried and true: cards, candy, flowers, etc.

Sure, those things are nice, but, astatine this point, they don’t necessitate overmuch thought.

On the different hand, if your ma is truly “unique” (a bully connection for “weird”), possibly she doesn’t privation the tried and true. Maybe she wants the kooky and bizarre.

Don’t worry: HuffPost Weird News is present to assistance with immoderate unusual gifts perfectly for the weirdo successful your beingness you affectionately telephone “Mom.”

Flower Vase Bong

Sure, you tin ever springiness your ma flowers, but possibly she conscionable wants buds. If that's the case, this vase-shaped bong should marque her privation to works herself connected the couch.

Fart-Filtering Underwear

Burrito Pop

Any ma who's eaten a burrito knows they tin get messy particularly towards the end. The Burrito Pop uses an astonishing signifier of exertion called "a dial" that allows the eater to propulsion the burrito dilatory retired the instrumentality portion keeping it together. Science marches on!

Grumpy Bear Knit Hat

If it's hard to prime up connected precisely what astir your ma is putting down, person her deterioration this Grumpy Bear Knit Cap truthful you cognize wherever you stand.

Gold-Plated Pasta Necklace

When you were a young kid determination was a accidental you forced your ma to deterioration the macaroni necklace you made for her successful people — adjacent though it didn't precisely lucifer her ensembles. Bring her backmost to those days of kindergarten manner with a somewhat much upmarket version. The pasta successful this necklace is gold-plated (and, I assume, not peculiarly tasty if she attempts to boil it.)

Donut Bouquet

Flowers are a fashionable fallback for Mother's Day, but what if your ma is allergic — oregon has a saccharine tooth? This donut bouquet volition amusement you emotion her adjacent arsenic you up her hazard for benignant 2 diabetes.

Donald Trump Glass Spoon Pipe

Does your ma deliberation the country's gone to cookware since Donald Trump was elected? This pipe makes her ailment literal.

Chopsticks Earrings

Give your ma these chopsticks earrings and she'll cognize you're not conscionable forking around.

Jacket For Your Legs

Being acold doesn't consciousness truthful hot, but trying t support lukewarm with towels, blankets oregon hoodies wrapped astir your waist tin beryllium cumbersome. The Mozy is simply a broad for mom's legs and volition enactment connected adjacent if she stands up to cheer for you for ... something.

Banana Stuffer

If your ma perpetually struggles with stuffing bananas (theoretically determination could beryllium astatine slightest 1 idiosyncratic who fits that description), the Banana Loca volition easiness her symptom successful a saccharine sweet way.

Union Suits

If ma wants casual deterioration that is much form-fitting than baggy sweats, these stylish Union Suits should support her lukewarm erstwhile it's chilly. Even better: The trap doorway allows her to bash her concern without having to instrumentality everything disconnected first.

Death Star Planter

Since Mother's Day comes conscionable aft "Star Wars Day" (May 4), this Death Star Planter volition springiness sci-fi-loving moms 2 reasons to emotion this gift.

Golden Girls PJs

If your ma is inactive struggling with Betty White's passing, these "Golden Girls" pajamas volition assistance her imagination of a happier clip successful beforehand of the TV.

Head Lamp

Think you airy up your mom's life? Maybe, but what if you're not astir and she's looking for thing successful the dark? Well, possibly she needs a bully head lamp much than you? Just keeping it real.

Pit Viper Glasses

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