18 Countries to Phase Out Coal, According to Leaked Document

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World|18 countries volition committedness to signifier retired coal, according to a leaked document.


A ember  excavation  successful  Bogatynia, Poland. According to a papers  seen by The New York Times, Polish officials person  agreed to a program  to signifier   retired  coal. 
Credit...Maciek Nabrdalik for The New York Times

Lisa Friedman

  • Nov. 3, 2021, 6:29 p.m. ET

A conjugation of 18 countries, positive dozens of banks and different institutions, volition pledge to signifier retired coal-fired powerfulness plants domestically and to extremity backing for planetary ember projects, according to a transcript of the British announcement seen by The New York Times.

The burning of ember is the azygous top contributor to clime change, and ending enactment for it is simply a large contented astatine the United Nations clime alteration acme successful Glasgow.

The caller campaign, which is expected to beryllium announced by British officials precocious Wednesday successful Glasgow, declares that the extremity of ember “is successful sight” due to the fact that of the caller coalition. The afloat database of 18 countries was not available, but the British papers said it included developed and processing countries similar Poland, Vietnam, Egypt, Chile and Morocco.

It was unclear whether the United States was portion of the agreement. A spokeswoman for John Kerry, President Biden’s clime envoy, did not respond to a petition for comment.

The 190 countries and organizations that marque up the conjugation volition perpetrate to ending each concern successful caller ember powerfulness procreation domestically and internationally. The clip framework was not instantly clear.

They volition besides hold to marque a “just modulation distant from ember powerfulness successful a mode that benefits workers and communities” and to rapidly standard up the deployment of cleanable vigor similar upwind and star power.

According to the announcement, joining the conjugation volition beryllium HSBC and Export Development Canada, a radical that the British authorities said accounts for $17 trillion successful assets present committed to phasing retired coal.

Leaders of the world’s 20 largest economies met successful Rome earlier the clime league and agreed to destruct financing for ember plants overseas. They stopped short, though, of pledging to extremity ember astatine location due to the fact that of objections from China, India, Australia and Russia.

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