1971 Datsun 240Z Is Our Bring a Trailer Auction Pick of the Day

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• Presumably a regular operator earlier it was refurbished 20-plus years ago, this 1971 first-generation Z dates from the desirable pre 5-mph bumper era.

• Some 44,780 miles are shown connected the 5-digit odometer, but there’s nary telling however galore times it has rolled implicit during this car’s 51 years of existence.

• Bidding is unfastened until Wednesday, May 11, and the existent precocious bid of $8,000 already eclipses its archetypal basal price.

This is not a concourse-level illustration of the 240Z. But it is simply a reasonably cleanable car that has spent its full beingness successful California, seemingly successful the hands of 1 superior proprietor until it changed hands past year. The car underwent a reasonably broad refurbishment backmost successful 2000, and looks similar it has been treated arsenic the classical it has go since then. But 22 years agone is not recent, arsenic evidenced by the included VHS portion that documents the restoration. Still, the extremity effect is simply a Z that’s mostly faithful to its as-new information successful a mode that suggests that this is however it whitethorn person looked erstwhile it was, say, 3 years aged and inactive partially owned by the bank.

The archetypal skinny wheels and rim-protector tires person been replaced, arsenic they astir ever were, but alternatively of going for the slotted 5-hole mags that were the default prime backmost then, this proprietor opted for Center Line lookalikes. It besides has period-correct aftermarket broadside mirrors but, thankfully, the proprietor did not spot acceptable to instal a acceptable of the rear model louvers that were each the rage astatine the time.

1971 datsun 240z

Bring a Trailer

Looks-wise, this car’s champion diagnostic whitethorn conscionable beryllium that it predates the 5-mph bumper era. Z-cars that were produced from 1973 onwards, specified arsenic this different listing for a 1977 280Z, looked a small little chill due to the fact that of the immense bumpers that were grafted connected to conscionable the caller rule. But that different listing besides underscores a information that is often overlooked. The first-generation of the Z-car consisted of lookalike 240Z, 260Z, and 280Z phases, which is astir apt wherefore radical started simply calling it the Z-car. The second-generation was called the 280ZX, with the added X astir apt deemed indispensable by the selling section astatine the clip to denote the model’s redesigned status. And that’s wherefore we’re not bothered by the information that the 2023 Nissan Z is named Z. The fig ne'er mattered much. The Z was the thing.

In this car, you tin spot hints of what the caller Z’s designers were going for. It’s adjacent yellow, the colour chosen for the 2023 Nissan Z Proto Spec, the peculiar launch-edition that volition beryllium constricted to conscionable 240 units. The agelong hood and its domed halfway look connected the caller car, and they faithfully reproduced the sloping roofline and sharply-defined Kammback tail. The caller Z’s taillights are reminiscent of the taillights connected the Z32 300ZX, but the designers of that car were successful crook paying homage to this one.

It’s besides worthy looking astatine the squared-off grille opening conscionable beneath the articulator of the hood, which appears smaller than it is due to the fact that the chrome bumper bisects it. There is simply a horizontal mesh grille supra the bumper, and a similar-looking mesh besides appears connected the apical fractional of the caller Z’s grille opening. Inside, the 3 pods connected apical of the dash correspond a through-line that appears connected the caller Z, but the interior is acold much earthy and bare-bones.

It volition beryllium absorbing to spot however overmuch this car goes for–and the 1977 280Z, arsenic well. With the swell of hype and nostalgia successful the aerial surrounding the caller car, we can’t assistance reasoning these listings are trying to surf that wave.

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