1993 Saab 900 Commemorative Edition is Our Bring a Trailer Pick of the Day

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This one-owner, peculiar variation 1993 Saab 900 is up for merchantability on the Bring a Trailer auction website close now.

• Aside from its evident charms, it's important arsenic 1 of the past fewer 100 coupes Saab built for the U.S. successful the 900's past exemplary year. Having said that, the car was unchanged for much than a decennary astatine that point.

• The auction is acceptable to extremity adjacent Friday, May 20, but bidding is already up to $33,065 with a week to go.

The Swedes had nary sacrificial justification to physique the aforesaid cars and fiercely defy alteration from the precocious 1970s each passim the aboriginal 1990s. This wasn't the contiguous postwar era, for instance, erstwhile automakers had to instrumentality with the constricted parts they could get. No, Saab was conscionable conservative, and cheap. And radical loved them for it.

That brings america to this a one-owner 1993 Saab 900 selling connected Bring a Trailer (which, similar Car and Driver, is portion of Hearst Autos). As the Commemorative Edition, the car's proprietor explains, this 900 is 1 of the past 325 hatchbacks built for the U.S. successful its last exemplary year. Another 500 cars ended the convertible's tally for 1994. Esoteric discussions implicit headlights, grilles, and carbureted versus fuel-injected engines could spell connected forever. We'll support it simple: This was the aforesaid damn car Saab had been selling since 1978.

While an all-new 900 dropped successful 1994 and aboriginal renamed itself the 9-3, General Motors helped make those cars (it purchased fractional of Saab successful 1990). Among the Saab faithful, the 900,000 900 models built during the archetypal procreation were the purest, astir iconic look of the marque earlier GM butted in. Its devoted owners were furious erstwhile GM killed the company successful 2011, arsenic they should person been.

1993 saab 900 commemorative edition

Bring a Trailer

When it was new, a 900 was the astute look among compact luxury cars. It was upscale without the glam, overengineered to a charming fault, and, with a double-wishbone beforehand suspension and turbo engine, amazingly speedy and agile. Of people Saab built precise harmless cars. But wherever Volvo avoided velocity and risky styling, Saab made Swedish cars desirable.

The graceful notchback slant of the immense tailgate, agelong overhangs, and expansive rear windows look astatine full likelihood with the shorter hood and constrictive wheelbase. That's however your caput archetypal processes a 900. Saab played with a cab-rearward layout similar a sports car but kept the footprint of a front-wheel-drive household sedan. Yet the 900 doesn't consciousness similar one. These proportions, positive the curved windshield, rear fender vents, high-mounted spoiler, and three-spoke crockery wheels, were a genuine motion to Saab's pitchy combatant division. Then oregon now, it's ne'er an mean car.

1993 saab 900 commemorative edition

Bring a Trailer

The CE came lone arsenic a coupe successful achromatic implicit tan leather and featured a five-speed manual paired to Saab's astir almighty turbo-four. With 185 horsepower astatine 5500 rpm and 201 pound-feet of torque astatine a debased 2800 rpm, the 2.0-liter motor was a existent pioneer for turbocharged output and effect (Saab had a regulator that could modify boost based connected somesthesia and substance octane, a large woody backmost then). This 900 CE appears to person each the close parts, including the requisite headlight wipers and grey 15-inch wheels. There's adjacent an accessory louvered model cover. While the displacement knob is worn retired and the carpets person immoderate unusual cutlines on the transmission tunnel, the leather trimming the seats and doorway pockets is astir crack-free. The backmost spot looks similar nary 1 ever sat there. The burl walnut trim is practically dripping.

1993 saab 900 commemorative edition

Bring a Trailer

The existent proprietor spent $1800 to marque repairs, which is wholly mean for an aged Swedish car. It's present selling for a 3rd of its $33,065 sticker terms (and tin you judge Saab offered a six-year/80,000-mile warranty?). The Saab parts assemblage is precise strong, truthful each the 2nd proprietor indispensable bash is regard upon this beauty, twist the ignition cardinal betwixt the seats, and nonstop the turbo gauge to the reddish zone. That's bully capable crushed to physique the aforesaid car for 16 years.

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