2 arrested after raccoon burned alive

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SARASOTA COUNTY, Fla.  — The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office said a begetter and girl some look aggravated carnal cruelty charges related to a viral video that showed a raccoon being burned live successful a dumpster.

The video led to an outcry connected societal media successful August, including a change.org petition that received much than 10,000 signatures.

Alicia Kincheloe, 30, and her father, Roddy Kincheloe, 63, were some arrested connected Thursday. Online records showed that Alicia is besides charged with destroying evidence.

The sheriff's bureau said the probe into the incidental was 1 of the "most extensive" ever conducted by its cultivation unit.

According to Sheriff Kurt Hoffman, authorities judge Roddy stabbed the raccoon with a pitchfork, and helium and Alicia near it for dormant successful the dumpster portion they went to lunch.

When they returned, the raccoon was inactive alive. Hoffman said they past enactment immoderate benignant of flammable liquid successful the dumpster connected the raccoon and lit it connected fire.

Hoffman said determination was nary grounds successful the video that showed the raccoon making assertive oregon assertive movements.

Hoffman said it was a "cruel, inhumane happening to do." He said the brace some invoked their rights erstwhile arrested and didn't supply a motive.

"I would speculate that it was conscionable axenic amusement worth based connected the commentary that they were making doing this to this animal, which makes it adjacent much heinous and conscionable sick," Hoffman said.

In the video posted online by Alicia, authorities said Roddy is seen hosing down the dumpster, which is smoking and appeared to person been acceptable ablaze.

In the video, Alicia tin beryllium heard saying, "We conscionable toasted his (expletive), who's hungry," Hoffman said.

According to an apprehension document, authorities became alert of the video connected August 11. The adjacent day, deputies met with Alicia astatine her home.

She admitted to posting the video and told deputies erstwhile she and her begetter returned from lunch, they saw the dumpster smoldering. She said they retrieved a state tin which she claimed was afloat of h2o and poured it connected the dumpster, but she said it began to "flare up."

The sheriff's bureau said Alicia told them she kept the h2o successful that spot successful lawsuit the radiator connected her nutrient motortruck needed water. Alicia besides told authorities that her begetter had, astatine 1 point, thrown a lit cigaret into the dumpster earlier they near for lunch.

Hoffman said authorities tested the liquid wrong the state can, and it was confirmed to beryllium a flammable liquid, not water.

Hoffman said the complaint of destroying grounds against Alicia is related to her removing the dormant raccoon from the dumpster. The sheriff's bureau said surveillance video showed Alicia reaching into the dumpster with what appears to beryllium a pitchfork which she utilized to region the raccoon's body.

The video showed her walking distant with the dormant raccoon retired of the camera's view, according to authorities. Hoffman said the raccoon's assemblage had not been found.

On August 31, detectives spoke with a witnesser who said she saw the video and called Alicia astir it, according to apprehension documents. They aboriginal discussed it successful person.

Documents amusement that the witnesser told detectives that Alicia admitted that her begetter stabbed the raccoon and that she aboriginal poured state connected it and helium acceptable it connected occurrence portion it was inactive alive. They aboriginal utilized a hose to enactment the occurrence out, and Alicia removed the body. According to documents, the witnesser said Alicia removed the dormant raccoon successful an effort to fell it from authorities.

Hoffman said the complaint against Alicia and Roddy is simply a third-degree felony. ABC Action News tried reaching retired to the household and person not heard back.

“I look successful her eyes, and I deliberation astir the suffering that she went through," said Traci Lipton, a section carnal activist.

Lipton said she was beside herself erstwhile she saw the video of the raccoon, which they've since named Rosie. Now she's hoping for justness to beryllium served.

“It’s started, and we’re precise blessed astir that," said Lipton. "It’s not implicit yet.”

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