2-nosed cow celebrates 15th birthday

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MERRILL, Wis. (WSAW) - This week, a celebrated cattle from Merrill, named Lucy, celebrates her 15th birthday. Over the years, she’s attracted attraction passim cardinal Wisconsin and nationally for her nose, dissimilar different cows. Fifteen years agone erstwhile Lucy’s proprietor recovered her retired successful the pasture, conscionable aft she was calved helium thought that she got kicked successful the face, but aboriginal recovered retired that she had 2 noses.

“We had the vet travel out…she says that is bony operation there, she does respire retired of some noses,” said Mark Krombholz, Lucy’s owner.

Despite being different, Lucy has nary problems with her health. The vet told Krombholz Lucy was going to beryllium a duplicate but the ovum didn’t afloat split. Lucy went connected to person 10 calves of her own. They each were mean cows, dissimilar Lucy who was calved into fame.

“I received telephone calls from each antithetic places. We were connected nationalist workplace magazine, vigor presumption things similar that successful the morning. And TV stations successful New York and we were adjacent mentioned connected Jay Leno erstwhile helium was inactive connected the nighttime show,” said Krombholz.

He said she adjacent caught the attraction of different countries.

“She was successful Pravda, the Russian paper successful china,” said Krombholz.

Krombholz said she’s inactive a mean cow, with immoderate personality.

“She tin beryllium a spot of a diva, origin she’s not acrophobic of radical similar that,” said Krombholz.

She goes to fairs successful her ain personalized thrust and implicit the years her proprietor has gotten tons of offers for her. He said helium got precise precocious offers, but couldn’t instrumentality them.

“I wouldn’t commercialized her for the world. I’ve been offered tens of thousands of dollars, but similar I said sideshows, they whitethorn resistance her each implicit the state and aft that what happens to her,” said Krombholz.

Krombholz said she is portion of the family. You tin cheque retired much pictures of Lucy connected her Facebook leafage ’Lucy the Two Nosed Cow’.

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