2 people shot after Halloween bar fight

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Houston constabulary are searching for a gunman who opened occurrence connected an SUV on the Washington corridor, shooting 2 radical aft a suspected barroom fight.

Investigators spent clip looking done a achromatic SUV riddled with slug holes astatine the scene, trying to stitchery clues that could pb them to the shooter.

There were 3 radical wrong the SUV erstwhile constabulary accidental the shooter opened occurrence astir 2:30 a.m. Monday. Two radical were hit, but their conditions are unknown.

ABC13 crews astatine the country counted astatine slightest six slug holes successful the SUV.

Central patrol officers are connected the country of a shooting adjacent the 5300 artifact of Washington Ave. Two radical person been changeable and transported to the hospital. There are nary suspects astatine this time.


— Houston Police (@houstonpolice) November 1, 2021

After the shooting, the SUV pulled implicit for assistance astatine a state presumption disconnected of Westheimer and Shepherd.

According to police, it each started a mates miles from the state presumption astatine a barroom disconnected Washington Avenue.

Investigators judge determination was immoderate benignant of argument.

It's unclear wherever precisely the statement unfolded, but ABC13 spotted respective officers investigating successful the parking batch of Clutch Bar.

Investigators judge the SUV was trying to thrust distant erstwhile the shots were fired.

"We don't cognize what led to the incident. Possibly, a barroom combat occurred. We're inactive trying to find wherever the barroom combat happened," Det. Arturo Merino said. "All we cognize astatine the infinitesimal is that they arrived implicit here, trying to question information aft being changeable up a mates times."

Police had precise small accusation astir the gunman successful the shooting, but said they judge they were driving a achromatic vehicle.

It was a engaged Halloween nighttime for HPD. Overnight, ABC13 tracked astatine slightest 4 shootings successful a six-hour span crossed the city.

One idiosyncratic was killed connected Maxey Road. At slightest 5 others were changeable successful abstracted shootings.

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