20 state and territorial Democratic parties intend to apply for early 2024 presidential calendar slots

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 Democratic voters be  a statesmanlike  caucus astatine  the Wells Fargo Arena successful  Des Moines, Iowa, connected  Feb. 3, 2020.

(CNN)Twenty authorities oregon territorial Democratic parties mean to use to clasp aboriginal statesmanlike nominating contests successful 2024, a DNC authoritative told CNN Saturday, arsenic the enactment reevaluates its process of selecting nominees.

The Rules and Bylaws Committee of the Democratic National Committee, which is tasked with determining the party's nominating process, voted past period to unfastened up an exertion process for states that want to clasp contests early. The criteria the committee volition see revolve astir diversity, competitiveness and the feasibility of holding an inclusive aboriginal contest. In caller cycles, 4 states -- Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina -- person held the archetypal contests connected the statesmanlike nominating calendar.

Those 4 authorities organizations joined 16 others successful sending letters to the DNC earlier Friday's deadline, saying they mean to use for 1 of the up-to-five slots for aboriginal contests. Iowa, which is mostly White and voted for then-President Donald Trump by 8 points in 2020, has a complicated, time-consuming caucus strategy alternatively of a state-run superior and is expected to beryllium astir astatine hazard of losing its aboriginal spot.

    RIP, Iowa caucuses?

    In his missive of intent, Iowa Democratic Party Chair Ross Wilburn pitched his authorities arsenic an accidental for candidates to prosecute successful grassroots campaigning and to link with agrarian voters who person been moving distant from the enactment successful caller years.

      "It is important that imaginable Democratic nominees perceive the voices of agrarian Democrats and larn firsthand astir the economic, social, and taste issues that are impacting their lives. Iowans instrumentality this relation precise seriously. If, arsenic Democrats, we privation to support and grow our electoral map, statesmanlike candidates indispensable proceed to perceive these voices," Wilburn wrote.

      While Wilburn told reporters Wednesday that Iowa Democrats aren't looking to power from caucuses to a primary, helium said the authorities enactment is committed to reforming the process to marque it simpler and much accessible.

      "We're besides readying to prosecute with galore stakeholders each implicit Iowa to research substantive changes to the caucuses that would marque them much straightforward and accessible," Wilburn said. "It's important to america to proceed to germinate Iowa's caucuses truthful that arsenic galore radical arsenic imaginable tin enactment successful this arrogant tradition."

        With Iowa's presumption successful question and the DNC looking to person each portion of the state represented successful the aboriginal nominating group, respective different Midwestern states are making their pitches to the nationalist party, including Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota and Nebraska.

        "Nebraska is successful the mediate of everyplace -- with a premix of urban, suburban and agrarian voters on with an inexpensive media marketplace -- providing candidates a existent accidental to interruption done with grassroots campaigning that builds the party," the state's Democratic Party chair, Jane Kleeb, wrote successful her letter.

        Democrats successful Georgia and Texas are besides throwing their hats successful the ring. In 2020, now-President Joe Biden became the first Democrat to triumph Georgia since 1992, and helium mislaid Texas by 6 points.

        Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa pitched his state's diverseness arsenic a cardinal selling point.

        "It is going to beryllium captious successful the 2024 predetermination to take states that champion bespeak the wide diverseness of our country. Texas, with its thriving and increasing diverseness of ethnicity and industry, offers the competitiveness and inclusiveness that volition beryllium captious to inspiring voters crossed our country," helium said successful a statement.

          The different states that submitted letters of intent are Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Colorado, Washington and Oklahoma, arsenic good arsenic the enactment organizations that correspond Puerto Rico and Democrats surviving abroad.

          States person until aboriginal June to taxable their ceremonial applications. The DNC's Rules and Bylaws Committee volition past perceive presentations from selected applicants and prime a radical of states implicit the summer. That determination volition past request to beryllium approved by the afloat DNC.

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