200 whales dead, 35 remain alive after mass stranding in Australia

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A rescuer pours h2o  connected  a stranded whale connected  Tasmania's Ocean Beach.

CNN  — 

Around 200 whales person died and conscionable 35 remain live pursuing a wide stranding successful Australia this week, rescue teams say.

The aviator whales were recovered Wednesday stranded connected an exposed formation on the seashore of Tasmania.

Rescue efforts are ongoing to prevention the remaining whales.

“We are chiefly focused this greeting connected truly getting into that rescue cognition and getting [the whales] released,” Brendon Clark of the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service told the Australia Broadcasting Corporation connected Thursday.

“We are conscious that immoderate of them whitethorn re-beach themselves and truthful we’ll beryllium monitoring that.”

Rescuers had antecedently estimated that astir fractional of the whales were inactive alive.

This is the 2nd wide stranding of whales to person taken spot successful Tasmania this week aft much than a twelve sperm whales, mostly young males and believed to beryllium portion of the aforesaid bachelor pod, were recovered dormant connected different beach.

Cases of whale strandings person baffled marine scientists for decades.

Tasmania’s largest stranding was successful 2020 erstwhile much than 450 aviator whales were found.

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