2023 Bentley Flying Spur Speed Comes Exclusively with 6.0-Liter W-12

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  • The 2023 Bentley Flying Spur Speed is powered by the acquainted 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged W-12 motor that produces 626 hp and 664 pound-feet of torque.
  • The Speed is acceptable isolated by acheronian trim, unsocial 22-inch wheels, and tons of velocity badges.
  • The W-12 is nary longer offered successful the basal $200,000 Flying Spur, with the caller Speed expected to fetch astir $80,000 more.

    Bentley has rounded retired the lineup of its sole remaining sedan with the caller 2023 Flying Spur Speed, which arrives arsenic a much performance-focused mentation of the opulent cruiser. It volition besides go the lone mode to get a Flying Spur with the W-12 powertrain aft accumulation of the modular Flying Spur W-12 ended successful May, unless you privation to spell done Bentley’s adjacent pricier Mulliner customization program.

    The 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged W-12 motor is unchanged, inactive offering 626 horsepower, an 84-hp bump implicit the V-8-powered S model, with torque coming successful astatine 664 pound-feet. Bentley claims a zero-to-60-mph clip of 3.7 seconds, but in Car and Driver testing, a 2020 W-12 did the 60 mph tally successful 3.5 seconds. Top velocity is inactive a claimed 207 mph.

    Like different Flying Spurs, the Speed uses a ZF eight-speed automatic transmission and comes with all-wheel thrust and rear-wheel steering arsenic standard. The Speed is besides fitted with a brake-based torque vectoring strategy and Bentley’s Dynamic Ride system, which uses a 48-volt electrical strategy that adjusts the stiffness of the anti-roll barroom to support the Flying Spur level done corners. Stopping powerfulness comes acknowledgment to 16.5-inch robust beforehand brake discs, shared with the Continental GT and the largest successful the satellite according to Bentley. The beforehand calipers are painted reddish with Bentley branding, but tin beryllium finished successful achromatic for an other cost.

    The Speed exemplary is distinguished from lesser Flying Spurs by a acheronian tint applied to the beforehand grilles, headlights, and taillights. Speed badges adorn the beforehand fender and determination are besides unsocial 22-inch wheels, with acheronian tint, gloss black, and metallic finishes available. There is simply a 2nd 22-inch instrumentality enactment offered successful Pale Brodgar satin, and the Speed besides gets jeweled substance and lipid filler caps.

    The decadent interior uses a worldly Bentley calls “Dinamica Pure,” said to beryllium made from 73 percent recycled polyester, portion the leather colour choices leap from 5 to 15 options. The trim is Piano Black veneer arsenic standard, but tin beryllium swapped retired for Crown Cut Walnut, Dark Stained Burr Walnut oregon Dark Fiddleback Eucalyptus for nary further fee. Bentley says determination are caller show infotainment graphics inspired by luxury chronograph watches. More Speed logos are recovered inside, and the badges besides appears illuminated connected the doorway sills.

    Bentley says that 1 successful 3 Flying Spurs successful those the United States and Europe are expected to beryllium the Speed. No pricing details were revealed, but it should outgo importantly much than the astir $200,000 basal V-8 model, with the Speed models bringing an astir $80,000 summation for the Continental GT and Bentayga exemplary lineups.

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