2023 Honda Odyssey Gets Price Hike, Adds Sinister Sport Trim

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  • The 2023 Honda Odyssey adds a Sport trim with a blacked-out quality and unsocial interior bits.
  • With a $38,635 starting price, the entry-level Odyssey present costs $4300 much than past year.
  • Honda present includes 2 years oregon 24,000 miles of complimentary scheduled maintenance.

    The minivan manner is usually associated with a increasing household and giving up connected sleek-bodied cars that erstwhile served arsenic superior transportation. The 2023 Honda Odyssey doesn't alteration the fact, but the instauration of a sinister-looking Sport trim mightiness punctual parents of their interior rebel. That, or—more likely—it's Honda's mode of capitalizing connected consumers' emotion of blacked-out quality packages.

    Either way, the '23 Odyssey Sport comes with these exterior features successful gloss black: 19-inch wheels, grille, trim astir the headlights and fog lights, and the extortion pillars. The taillights besides person darkened covers. Its disposable overgarment colors are achromatic (obviously), white, red, and the recently introduced Sonic Gray Pearl. Inside, the Sport has achromatic leather that's accented with reddish stitching. At night, the compartment is illuminated by reddish ambient lighting for a vibe that's either sporty oregon spooky, apt depending connected whether oregon not passengers inactive judge successful the bogeyman oregon not.

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    The caller Sport exemplary starts astatine $42,505 and comes modular with a sunroof, a power-operated tailgate, and an eight-way powerfulness beforehand rider seat. It slots into the lineup betwixt the EX-L and Touring. Since the base-level LX has been discontinued, the EX present becomes the entry-level Odyssey. This contributes to a importantly higher starting terms of $38,635—$4300 higher than past year's $34,335 LX. The different 2023 Odyssey models are priced astatine $41,705 for the EX-L, $45,754 for the Touring, and $50,765 for the top-of-the-line Elite.

    Every Odyssey is inactive powered by a 280-hp V-6 that pairs with a 10-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive. Now, for the archetypal time, Honda is including complimentary attraction connected the Odyssey arsenic good arsenic immoderate different models. The factory-scheduled services are covered for 2 years oregon 24,000 miles and see a tyre rotation arsenic good arsenic lipid and filter changes.

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