2023 Kia Soul Gets Cheekier Looks, Drops Turbo Engine

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  • Kia has updated the Soul for 2023 with caller front- and rear-end designs.
  • The Turbo exemplary and X-Line trim level person been dropped from the lineup.
  • The 2023 Soul volition get astatine dealerships successful precocious summer.

    Kia has been moving to simplify the Soul lineup for a fewer years now: aft dropping the base model's manual transmission past year, it's present sidesplitting disconnected the optional 201-horsepower Turbo motor and the rugged-looking X-Line trim level on with the 2023 Soul's facelift.

    This leaves the Soul's sole motor enactment arsenic a 147-hp people aspirated 2.0-liter inline-four with a continuously adaptable automatic transmission. In our testing, this mentation got to 60 mph successful 8.0 seconds, portion the Turbo did the deed successful 6.4 seconds. The trim levels that stay see LX, S, EX, and GT-Line.

    All of those models payment from caller styling for 2023, which includes reshaped headlights and a antithetic beforehand bumper, on with caller taillights and a revised rear fascia. New 17- and 18-inch instrumentality designs implicit the caller look. Kia is offering 2 caller two-tone colour combinations: Surf Blue with a achromatic roof, similar you spot here, and Clear White with a achromatic roof.

    Kia has yet to denote pricing, but we deliberation it'll emergence somewhat from the existent model's starting terms of $20,545.

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