2023 Lexus UX250h Hybrid Adds Cheaper, More Efficient FWD Model

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  • Lexus is adding a caller front-wheel-drive mentation of the UX250h for 2023.
  • The UX is present offered lone arsenic a hybrid, arsenic the gas-only UX200 has been dropped.
  • The 2023 UX starts astatine $35,850 and volition spell connected merchantability successful the U.S. this month.

    After Lexus announced earlier this twelvemonth that the 2023 UX lineup would see lone the hybrid model, it's present saying that determination volition beryllium a caller front-wheel-drive mentation of the UX250h. (All-wheel thrust was previously modular connected the hybrid.) This alteration means that the UX250h is present little costly and much efficient. It starts astatine $35,850 and achieves an EPA combined standing of 42 mpg combined compared with the AWD model's 39 mpg rating.

    The FWD UX250h has fundamentally the aforesaid powertrain arsenic the AWD model, lone it does without the 3rd electrical centrifugal that powers the rear wheels. Both versions usage a 2.0-liter inline-four gasoline motor and nutrient a full of 181 horsepower. All-wheel thrust is present a $1400 option, and trim levels see Premium ($38,310) and 2 F Sport variants. The F Sport Appearance ($38,310) has conscionable the visuals, portion the F Sport Handling exemplary ($43,280) besides gains adaptive dampers and different suspension tweaks, on with athletics seats and a antithetic steering wheel.

    The hybrid inactive isn't rather arsenic inexpensive arsenic the discontinued UX200 model, which had a 169-hp 2.0-liter inline-four and a continuously adaptable automatic transmission. That mentation started astatine $34,525, meaning the UX's basal terms goes up $1325 for the caller exemplary year. In our testing, both versions got to 60 mph successful a sluggish 8.6 seconds.

    Other tweaks for 2023 see a larger infotainment screen, a reconfigured halfway console, and immoderate caller connectivity features. Lexus besides says it improved structural rigidity and added run-flat tires. The 2023 UX250h volition spell connected merchantability sometime this month.

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