2024 Honda Accord Spied with Smooth Next-Generation Design

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2024 honda accord spied

Brian WilliamsCar and Driver

  • This is the next-generation Honda Accord, which is apt to get adjacent twelvemonth arsenic a 2024 model.
  • Honda intends for the hybrid to go a much important portion of the lineup and aims for it to marque up 50 percent of sales.
  • We deliberation the turbo 1.5-liter and 2.0-liter state engines volition transportation over.

    The Accord whitethorn nary longer beryllium Honda's breadstuff and butter—that would beryllium the CR-V crossover nowadays—but the perennially 10Best-winning sedan is acceptable to participate a caller procreation soon. These spy photos amusement its caller design, which appears to beryllium clean, simple, and not radically antithetic from the existent 10th-generation exemplary that's been astir since the 2018 exemplary year.

    Up front, constrictive headlights flank what looks to beryllium a comparatively unassuming grille. There's minimal surfacing on the sides, and the taillights look to agelong the width of the rear extremity and wrapper astir onto the fenders.

    2024 honda accord spied

    Brian WilliamsCar and Driver

    Honda has confirmed that it intends to marque the next-generation Accord hybrid a larger portion of the income mix, arsenic the institution is aiming for hybrid versions to marque up astatine slightest 50 percent of income for the CR-V, Accord, and Civic models. Honda besides says that the hybrids volition beryllium the "top and champion performing models successful the lineup." We anticipation this means that the existent 212-hp Accord hybrid volition summation power, and not that Honda plans connected dropping the much almighty 252-hp turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four motor enactment from the Accord. The turbocharged 1.5-liter inline-four is apt to stay the basal engine, though it whitethorn person immoderate revisions.

    Given that Honda dropped the six-speed manual transmission from the Accord a fewer years ago, we unluckily deliberation it's improbable that this transmission volition instrumentality for the caller generation. A continuously adaptable automatic transmission volition beryllium modular equipment. Many of the Accord's rivals, including the Kia K5, Nissan Altima, and Toyota Camry, person added an all-wheel-drive enactment successful caller years, but we're doubtful that Honda volition spell down this road.

    2024 honda accord spied

    Brian WilliamsCar and Driver

    Expect the 2024 Accord's interior to follow a akin plan arsenic the latest Civic and upcoming CR-V, some of which person a distinctive honeycomb texture for the aerial vents and a tablet-style touchscreen sitting atop the halfway of the dash.

    We deliberation that 2023 volition beryllium the last exemplary twelvemonth for the existent Accord, which means that this caller exemplary is apt to get sometime adjacent twelvemonth arsenic a 2024 vehicle. Honda has already said that the caller Accord hybrid volition travel the debut of the 2023 CR-V that's scheduled for July 12, but hasn't fixed nonstop timing for the accomplishment of the caller sedan.

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