3,500 books donated to Baltimore City Schools

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Posted at 6:55 PM, May 03, 2022

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BALTIMORE — Amazon is donating much than 3,500 books to Baltimore City Public Schools.

This week is Children’s Book Week.

On Tuesday, Amazon volunteers passed retired books and work to students astatine Billie Holiday Elementary School successful Baltimore.

To proceed the celebration, download 16 escaped children’s eBooks and dozens of escaped tips and activities here.

Children’s literacy facts:

  • According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress [nces.ed.gov], by the clip they participate 4th grade, 80% of Black students are not speechmaking astatine people level, which tin person a lifelong antagonistic interaction connected children. 
  • Studies amusement that students who participate 4th people speechmaking beneath people level are 4 times much apt to driblet retired of precocious schoolhouse compared to those who participate speechmaking astatine people level. 
  • While low-literacy is simply a multifaceted problem, experts hold that determination are 2 superior drivers of mediocre speechmaking outcomes for low-income students: 
    • (1) deficiency of entree to precocious prime acquisition resources chiefly owed to backing issues successful precocious poorness schools, and 
    • (2) deficiency of entree to books. 
  • According to Scholastic’s “Access to Books [teacher.scholastic.com]” report, determination tin beryllium arsenic fewer arsenic 1 publication per 300 children successful low-income neighborhoods compared to 13 books per kid successful middle-income neighborhoods. 

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