3 injured in explosion at Aurora, Colorado apartment building, forcing hundreds of residents from their homes

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(CNN)Hundreds of radical volition request to find caller homes aft an detonation astatine their flat gathering successful Aurora, Colorado, Saturday that injured astatine slightest 3 people, according to Aurora Fire Rescue.

Fire crews responded to the gathering on East Alameda Avenue aft "reports of fume conditions" connected Saturday, the bureau said connected Twitter, and officials were "searching for hazards" erstwhile the detonation occurred.

Two radical were taken to a infirmary with non-life-threatening injuries. A 3rd unfortunate was taken to different hospital, but Aurora Fire Rescue did not item their condition.

The origin of the detonation is unknown.

"Heavy harm occurred arsenic the effect of an detonation to the westbound broadside of the structure," Aurora occurrence officials said Saturday afternoon. Authorities recovered "structural damage" arsenic a result, though officials were inactive moving to find the grade and severity of the damage.

In the meantime, betwixt 300 and 400 residents volition request to beryllium relocated, per Aurora Fire Rescue, similar Allyson Goodwin, who lived astatine the gathering with her fiance and their son. She told CNN affiliate KCNC she was walking her canine crossed the thoroughfare erstwhile the blast occurred successful the portion crossed from hers, ruining her family's location and their belongings.

"I heard a truly large roar and I said, 'Don't look back, don't look backmost conscionable support walking,'" Goodwin told the station. "Like, 'You don't privation to spot what conscionable happened.' "

In the abbreviated term, residents were moved to a section structure with the assistance of the Red Cross, Aurora Fire Rescue said. "Long word accommodations volition beryllium coordinated done (the Red Cross) based connected need."

Community members person been asked to enactment distant from the building.

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