4 Critically Injured In Apparent Lightning Strike Near White House

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Four radical were injured successful an evident lightning onslaught adjacent the White House connected Thursday evening, according to occurrence officials.

DC Fire and EMS said 2 men and 2 women were transported to country hospitals aft being recovered conscionable earlier 7 p.m. successful Lafayette Square. The adults were recovered astir 100 feet from the statue of Andrew Jackson, which sits conscionable northbound of the White House, Vito Maggiolo, a spokesperson for the occurrence department, told The Washington Post.

Officials said each 4 radical person critical, beingness threatening injuries. The origin of their injuries remains nether investigation.

The Andrew Jackson statue, a bronze formed of the seventh president atop a horse, sits connected a marble basal and is surrounded by a fence.

About 27 radical die from lightning strikes each twelvemonth successful the U.S., according to averages implicit the past 10 years. Only astir 10% of those struck by lightning are killed.

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