4 injured in an overnight shooting in downtown Orlando during an unusually violent weekend

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Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rolón speaks a astatine  quality    league  Monday, November 1, 2021 astir  mulitple shootings successful  the metropolis  during the Halloween vacation  weekend.

(CNN)Police successful Orlando, Florida said a shooting successful the aboriginal greeting hours Monday that injured 4 people, 1 of whom is 16, was conscionable 1 of a fig of shootings during "a precise antithetic weekend."

"We had a higher than accustomed fig of shootings. And you inquire the question, why? Really, that's thing we are trying to fig retired ourselves," said Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rolón.

According to Rolón, nary of the individuals progressive successful Monday morning's shooting sustained life-threatening injuries.

"Multiple radical were changeable successful beforehand of a nightclub during a very, precise engaged nighttime successful the downtown area," Rolón said.

Rolón said the 16-year-old unfortunate had been feuding with idiosyncratic connected societal media and they ran into each different aboriginal Monday morning. An idiosyncratic who was with the idiosyncratic the unfortunate was feuding with "took a weapon out, changeable astatine the victim, changeable the victim, and 3 different guiltless bystanders."

"So it's precise antithetic for thing similar this to hap but it besides brings up the interest astir what is simply a juvenile doing retired and about, particularly during that clip of night? And past idiosyncratic not reasoning astir the consequences for their actions erstwhile they're trying to wounded idiosyncratic and successful the process wounded idiosyncratic else," Rolón said.

Rolón said constabulary were already connected patrol successful the country and capable to respond quickly. Police person not arrested a fishy but are continuing to travel up connected leads.

Rolón said a 13, 17 and 25-year-old were injured successful a abstracted shooting lawsuit implicit the weekend. He said the incidental took spot precocious astatine nighttime arsenic the individuals were readying to spell into the downtown area.

Rolón mentioned 3 different shootings arsenic well: One connected the eastside wherever a fewer individuals successful cars changeable astatine each other, 1 connected the westside wherever aggregate rounds were fired, and an incidental connected the railroad tracks adjacent downtown.

Rolón said portion Orlando saw a 20% summation successful shootings incidents successful June 2021 compared to the erstwhile year, it is present seeing a decline.

"We modified our approach. We reallocated our resources and present we're lone seeing minus 1 percent, possibly up 1 percent compared to past year. We turned it astir astir 20%. That is huge," helium said.

The Orlando incidents were among several different wide shootings crossed the state implicit the weekend.

The unit near astatine slightest 12 radical dormant and different 52 injured, according to CNN reporting and an investigation of information from Gun Violence Archive and section quality and constabulary reports. CNN defines a wide shooting arsenic an incidental with 4 oregon much radical killed oregon wounded by gunfire, excluding the shooter.

CNN's Susannah Cullinane contributed to this story.

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