6 injured, 1 loses leg, after taxi jumps curb

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MIDTOWN, Manhattan (WABC) -- Six radical were injured, 3 critically, erstwhile a taxi struck a bicyclist, jumped a curb, and plowed into a radical of pedestrians successful Midtown Manhattan Monday, and we're learning much astir the victims.

One of the women pinned by the cab had to person her limb amputated, and different unfortunate whitethorn endure the aforesaid fate.

The clang happened conscionable earlier 1 p.m. Monday connected Broadway astatine 29th Street.

Authorities accidental the cab was westbound connected 29th Street, turning near onto Broadway with the close of way, erstwhile a 50-year-old antheral connected a CitiBike blew done a reddish airy and into his path, causing a collision astatine the intersection.

"When I looked astatine the video yesterday, I was disappointed to spot that the bicyclist went done the reddish light," Mayor Eric Adams said. "That was troubling. So it's quality error, quality recklessness and thoroughfare redesign. That's the combination."

The bicyclist collided with the yellowish taxi's beforehand near corner, knocking him to the ground. The cyclist was dragged arsenic the taxi continued onto the sidewalk, wherever it struck the 4 pedestrians, pinning 2 women.

In what NYPD Deputy Police Chief John Chell called a "remarkable scene," betwixt 15 and 20 bully Samaritans tried to assistance the cab disconnected the victims.

Eyewitness News obtained an exclusive video of that effort.

A 32-year-old pistillate from Mexico had to person her limb amputated, portion a 48-year-old pistillate from Columbus, Ohio, besides suffered a terrible limb wounded that whitethorn necessitate amputation.

A 32-year-old pistillate from Mexico had bruising astir her body, portion a 31-year-old pistillate besides from Columbus sustained a little superior injury.

The 50-year-old bicyclist was treated for a breached arm, portion the 60-year-old taxi operator was checked retired for insignificant injuries.

A 40-year-old rider successful the taxi, a Chicago resident, was wearing his seatbelt and was not hurt.

Mayor Eric Adams thanked the New Yonkers who rushed to the assistance of the pedestrians, saying the bully Samaritans "lift up the awesome of what New York is."

"When you spot the video of New Yorkers there, responding, to prevention the individuals who were the victims of the crash, it conscionable truly emphasizes however we are conscionable an astonishing city," helium said. "No substance however hard things are, nary substance however galore radical accidental New Yorkers tin beryllium rude and New Yorkers tin beryllium bad, erstwhile it is clip to assistance each other, we are there. And I conscionable privation to personally accidental convey you."
Raw video from NewsCopter7 supra the scene:

Adams besides reached retired to Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther.

"Mayor Adams reached retired to Mayor Ginther regarding the 2 Columbus residents struck by a taxi successful New York City earlier contiguous to connection assistance successful helping the families navigate travels to New York," his bureau said successful a statement. "We inquire the assemblage to support those injured and their loved ones successful their prayers pursuing this horrific crash."

Investigators are looking into wherefore the taxi continued onto the sidewalk aft striking the bicyclist, including examining the taxi for imaginable mechanical faults.

The operator made archetypal statements that his brakes were not working, though investigators volition besides look into relation error.

No charges person been filed oregon summonses issued against the bicyclist oregon the taxi driver, but the probe continues.

The TLC said the taxi driver's licence is successful bully standing.

Adams toured the country Monday nighttime and vowed that his medication would larn from this clang to effort to forestall it from happening again.

"Traffic information is each of our concerns, and we are going to proceed to propulsion guardant to marque definite our streets are safe," Adams said.

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