65 Celebrity Christmas Gift Ideas That'll Be A Hit With Your Crew

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Still trying to fig retired what Christmas gifts to springiness family, friends and co-workers? Let celebrities help.

During the pandemic, galore apical celebrities successful the worlds of music, film, TV and sports recovered different economical avenues ― broadside hustles ― to explore.

Some of the celebs are promoting snacks, others are progressive with cosmetics, CBD oregon bully aged booze.

Whatever the merchandise oregon whoever the personage is, you’re definite to find thing that volition marque you the gift-giving celeb successful your circle.

Robert Downey Jr. Cooking Products

Robert Downey Jr.'s newest task is MinkDog Blends, a spice marque made with Chef Tyler Lewis.

Adam Levine And Behati Prinsloo Tequila

Maroon 5 vocalist Adam Levine and his manner exemplary woman Behati Prinsloo conscionable introduced a caller marque of tequila.

Jennifer Aniston Collagen Products

Jennifer Aniston is getting affable with the Vital Proteins marque of collagen products.

Dwayne Johnson Energy Drink

Where does Dwayne Johnson get each his energy? Who knows. But it's easier to find retired wherever helium gets his energy drink.

Elton John Dolls

Millie Bobby Brown Converse High Tops

Naomi Osaka Skin Care

Addison Rae Makeup Line

Top influencer Addison Rae is making a play to beryllium a cosmetics mogul with her ain makeup line.

Tom Brady Eyeglasses

The mode shot fable Tom Brady sees it, it's amusive to curate your own enactment of eyewear.

Vera Wang Prosecco

Fashion decorator Vera Wang is known for her bridal gowns, but she is branching retired into prosecco.

Eva Longoria Tequila

Eva Longoria's newest task involves tequila!

Jamie Foxx Brown Sugar Bourbon

When Jamie Foxx sings "blame it connected the alcohol," helium whitethorn beryllium reasoning of his marque of bourbon.

Kendall Jenner Tequila

Kendall Jenner is hoping to usage her powerfulness arsenic an influencer to power you to effort her caller tequila brand.

Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg Lighters

Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg astir apt usage their new brands of Bic lighters in precise antithetic ways, but — hey! — vive la différence!

Peter Weber Vegetable Snacks

Peter Weber whitethorn not person recovered emotion connected "The Bachelor," but helium has astatine slightest recovered sustenance with his caller enactment of vegetable snack foods.

Hailee Steinfeld Glasses

Hailee Steinfeld not lone has the "Hawkeye" bid connected Disney +, she's besides "hawking" a enactment of curated eyewear.

Gordon Ramsay Hard Seltzer

TV cook Gordon Ramsay tin get blistery nether the collar, truthful helium cools disconnected with his own enactment of hard seltzer.

Lana Condor Nail Products


Lana Condor, prima of the "To All The Boys I've Ever Loved" bid of Netflix films, present hopes to nail down a vocation promoting nail products.

Shaun White Beef Jerky

Danica Patrick Sleep Powder

Former nonrecreational racer Danica Patrick lived retired her imagination connected the racetrack, but erstwhile she really has to sleep, she relies connected Beam Organics Sleep Powder.

Olivia Wilde Skin Care

Actor/director Olivia Wilde promotes tegument attraction products from the True Botanicals brand.

Giannis Antetokounmpo Noise-Canceling Headphones

NBA superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo whitethorn oregon whitethorn not perceive to recordings of the Milwaukee Bucks title game, but if helium does, he's utilizing these JBL noise-canceling headphones.

Cedella Marley Mushroom Tinctures

Bob Marley's girl Cedella is selling her ain enactment of mushroom tinctures, each of which plays disconnected her dad's classical opus "One Love."

Nina Dobrev and Julianne Hough Wine

"Vampire Diaries" prima Nina Dobrev and "Dancing With The Stars" alum Julianne Hough aren't whining astir what to portion erstwhile they get together. That's due to the fact that they person their own marque of wine.

Christina Milian Custom Name Necklace

The aboriginal aughts vocalist is going for the golden erstwhile again — this clip with her ain enactment of jewelry.

Ricky Williams Cannabis

Football large Ricky Williams has agelong promoted the benefits of cannabis. Now he's gone the other measurement with his ain marijuana brand.

Russell Wilson Comforter

Terry Bradshaw Bourbon

Carnie Wilson Candles

Brooke Burke Pulsing Electromagnetic Device

TV property Brooke Burke's latest task is endorsing an electromagnetic device that stimulates muscles and temporarily increases section humor circulation.

Jason Aldean Bourbon Whiskey

Country vocalist Jason Aldean is enjoying the fruits of his labour — and his ain bourbon whiskey.

Becky G Makeup

Taboo of Black Eyed Peas Children's Book

Black Eyed Peas subordinate Taboo is branching retired from euphony with his caller book that helps kids place themselves and recognize each the things that tin marque up someone’s identity.

Zooey Deschanel Indoor Gardens

These are the crockery days for Zooey Deschanel, who is selling a enactment of indoor gardens that let radical to turn veggies each twelvemonth long.

Scottie Pippen Bourbon

Scottie Pippen has gone from taking shots connected the hoops tribunal to drinking shots of his ain bourbon.

Alexis Fawx Coffee

Porn prima Alexis Fawx isn't conscionable lying down connected the occupation — she's moving to beforehand her ain enactment of coffee.

Bella Thorne Cannabis

Joel McHale Whiskey

Comedian Joel McHale isn't joking astir his emotion of whiskey. That's wherefore helium has his ain brand.

Ayesha Curry Cookware

Steph Curry's wife, Ayesha, is earning fame of her ain arsenic a manner expert. So her ain enactment of cookware is simply a earthy progression.

Kevin Hart Rowing Machine

LeBron James Tequila

LeBron James is conscionable arsenic engaged disconnected the tribunal promoting products similar his brand of tequila.

Carson Palmer CBD Gummies

Former NFL QB Carson Palmer has a caller goal: getting radical funny successful CBD gummies.

Nas Cigars

Tove Lo Cannabis Soda

Swedish vocalist Tove Lo roseate to fame with hits similar "Stay High." Now she's putting her wealth wherever her rima is with a enactment of cannabis beverages.

Rob Gronkowski Sunglasses

Rob Gronkowski is making a play into the satellite of sunglasses.

B Real Of Cypress Hill Gravity Bong

Cannabis has agelong loomed ample successful the fable of '90s-era rap radical Cypress Hill. Now subordinate B Real is keeping the torch burning with a very elaborate gravity bong system.

Colin Hanks Handkerchiefs

Actor Colin Hanks seemingly loves handkerchiefs arsenic overmuch arsenic puns. Hence the sanction of his caller product: Hankskerchiefs

Nick Offerman Single Malt Scotch Whisky In Guinness Cask

David Beckham Scotch Whisky

Soccer prima David Beckham whitethorn beryllium British, but his liquor of prime is scotch whisky.

Vanessa Hudgens Water

A batch of celebs person their liquor lines. Vanessa Hudgens is taking much of a hydrated attack by selling flavored waters.

Tyra Banks Ice Cream

Tyra Banks has a saccharine caller merchandise connected the market: her ain marque of crystal pick called "Smize Cream" aft her trademark connection connected "America's Next Top Model."

Travis Barker CBD

Travis Barker has priorities beyond being a Kardashian beau — similar selling his ain enactment of CBD.

Halle Berry Fitness Apparel

Considering however large Halle Berry looks, selling fitness apparel is, well, fitting.

Florida Georgia Line Peach Pecan Whiskey

The state radical Florida Georgia Line is crossing implicit into the liquor satellite with its peach pecan whiskey.

Sofia Vergara Reading Glasses

Sophia Vergara knows that if the penning is connected the wall, it helps to person stylish speechmaking glasses.

Channing Tatum Vodka

Lindsey Vonn Ski Jacket

Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn is promoting a caller skis jacket that proves you tin support lukewarm and inactive look chill successful the snow.

Mariah Carey Irish Cream

Mariah Carey whitethorn sing that "All She Wants For Christmas Is You," but we fishy she whitethorn besides privation immoderate of her ain Irish Cream.

Shay Mitchell Tequila Seltzer

Jonas Brothers Popcorn

The Jonas Brothers are each astir pop, whether it's popular euphony or, successful this case, popcorn.

Fab 5 Freddy Cannabis

Sam Asghari Teeth Whitening Kit

Britney Spears' fellow Sam Asghari isn't conscionable helping her set to beingness aft the conservatorship, he's besides endorsing the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit.

Molly Sims Pajamas

Dustin Poirier Lousiana-Style Hot Sauce

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