96-year-old restaurant owner still works 12-hour shifts every day

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MOUNT HEALTHY, Ohio — The latest involvement complaint hike hits a sore spot for Ohio restaurants. Two-thirds of edifice owners said they took connected caller indebtedness since the COVID-19 pandemic began, according to Ohio Restaurant Association information published this month. Still, a 96-year-old successful concern for decades is serving up optimism.

Despite his request for waitress assistance and rising nutrient costs, Angelo Rallis is calm. A & A Restaurant charges nary much than $10 for immoderate item. Most are belly-filling platters too. Rallis preps, cooks and cleans everything by hand. He gladly works 12-hour days, 7 days a week.

"What americium I going to do?" helium said. "Stay successful a seat astatine home? No, I'm not that guy. I similar work."

He believes relentless enactment solves problems, economical oregon not.

"He volition beryllium connected his stool connected his interruption and accidental aft 2 full minutes, 3 minutes tops: oops (it's) clip to get backmost to work," Tracie Phalz, 1 of 2 waitresses astatine the restaurant, said.

Rallis pushed disconnected status decades agone to support his concern and himself going.

"I'm going to discontinue astatine 100," Rallis said. "Maybe. Maybe I'll support going."

He near Greece astatine 13. Then, Rallis worked successful his uncle's Cincinnati edifice and learned values that inactive wage off.

"His enactment ethic is amazing," Phalz said. "I deliberation that's what radical tin larn is it doesn't substance however aged you are."

Through recession, overwhelming bills and adjacent the decease of his woman and concern partner, Rallis perseveres. Behind the 54-year-old currency registry connected his counter, customers and unit spot awesome dedication.

"I asked him wherefore helium gives specified large helpings, wherefore his prices are truthful reasonable," Phalz said. "He said to maine that helium doesn't privation anyone to ever person to spell distant bare successful his edifice and not to wage precocious outgo for the nutrient that they get."

Rallis picks up immoderate and each slack successful concern operations. His doctors told him the enactment is bully for his health, Rallis said. So immoderate happens next, helium sounds acceptable to serve.

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