A Chinese man surnamed 'Ma' was detained. The news wiped off $26 billion from Alibaba's stock

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Hong Kong (CNN)For Chinese tech tycoon Jack Ma, there's a terms to freedom: $26 billion.

Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce elephantine Ma co-founded, saw its Hong Kong-listed shares plunge arsenic overmuch arsenic 9.4% Tuesday aft Chinese authorities media reported that an idiosyncratic surnamed "Ma" successful the metropolis of Hangzhou — wherever Alibaba is based — had been detained connected nationalist information grounds.

According to China's authorities broadcaster CCTV, the fishy was placed nether "compulsory measures" connected April 25 connected suspicion of "colluding with overseas anti-China hostile forces" to "incite secession" and "incite subversion of authorities power."

    The one-sentence report, which was swiftly picked up by different authorities media outlets and alerted crossed Chinese quality platforms, triggered panic selling successful Hong Kong, erasing an estimated $26 cardinal from Alibaba's marketplace worth wrong minutes.

      Amid the frenzy, Hu Xijin, the erstwhile editor-in-chief of the state-owned nationalist tabloid the Global Times, rushed to clarify connected China's Twitter-like Weibo that the study was misleading due to the fact that the sanction of the fishy successful question has 3 characters. Jack Ma's Chinese name, Ma Yun, has lone 2 characters. (CCTV aboriginal softly updated its archetypal study to lucifer Hu's assessment).

      To further dispel concerns, the Global Times reported the accused antheral was calved successful 1985 successful Wenzhou (while Jack Ma was calved successful 1964 successful Hangzhou) and worked arsenic the manager of hardware probe and improvement astatine an IT company.

      The clarifications led to a rebound, with Alibaba recovering the bulk of its losses by the day's end.

        The market's roller coaster absorption is the latest motion of conscionable however skittish investors are getting implicit China's embattled tech sector, which has been a people of the Chinese government's heavy-handed regulatory crackdown since precocious 2020.

        Despite caller signals from the Chinese authorities it is preparing to rollback the run owed to the economical impact, arsenic archetypal reported by the Wall Street Journal, the marketplace frenzy connected Tuesday indicates capitalist assurance remains shaky.

        "I thought this was benignant of an unusual episode," said Victor Shih, a governmental subject prof astatine the University of California San Diego. "Whether that was a informing of sorts to the exertion assemblage arsenic a whole, oregon possibly Jack Ma personally. Who knows? But it's surely demonstrated the authorities does not adjacent person to apprehension a elder exertion enforcement to erase tens of billions of dollars from a company's marketplace valuation. It conscionable needs to merchandise immoderate benignant of information," Shih added.

        "That's rather powerful. And surely what happened yesterday was a wide illustration of that power, whether it was delivered oregon not."

        Jack Ma, laminitis  of Alibaba, successful  Paris successful  2019.

        But the information investors were truthful speedy to judge Jack Ma, erstwhile China's astir high-profile billionaire, would autumn afoul of authorities information authorities reveals thing of the governmental world galore Chinese tycoons present unrecorded in.

        "It doesn't truly substance anymore if it's truly him. The important happening is: a batch of radical deliberation it's him, a batch of radical expect it to beryllium him, present that is interesting," said a popular comment connected Weibo, which drew 57,000 likes.

        The crook successful nationalist sentiment against Ma is astir arsenic spectacular arsenic his rags to riches story. Until astir 3 years ago, the English teacher-turned billionaire was wide worshiped for his charisma, outspokenness and self-made occurrence (He was adjacent nicknamed "Daddy Ma" by immoderate fans).

        But arsenic tech companies similar Alibaba expanded their businesses empires, they've go the people of increasing vexation and resentment among young Chinese workers who are fed up with gruelingly agelong enactment hours, precocious unit and stagnant pay. (Jack Ma's endorsement of China's alleged "996" enactment culture, meaning moving from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. six days a week, drew aggravated disapproval successful 2019.)

        As tech giants fell nether the crosshairs of the Chinese government, "evil capitalists" person been progressively blamed for assorted societal ills, from relentless competition, skyrocketing spot prices to deficiency of societal mobility.

        "Within conscionable a fewer years, 'Daddy Ma' has been labeled arsenic a 'rotten capitalist' successful nationalist opinion, and galore radical are looking guardant to Ma's downfall," Xiang Dongliang, a blogger, wrote connected WeChat.

        "But the question is, volition bringing down capitalists and driving retired (so-called) overseas forces truly marque everyone's beingness better?"

        Jack Ma has mostly faded from nationalist beingness and kept a debased illustration since Ant Group's IPO successful the US was halted by regulators successful precocious 2020. Once among the astir outspoken figures successful China, helium hasn't posted thing connected Weibo, wherever helium has astir 25 cardinal followers, since October 2020.

        His last Weibo post, astir a gathering with immoderate 100 schoolhouse principles to sermon the aboriginal of China's education, was flooded with captious comments.

        "I won't beryllium amazed if aged Ma is jailed 1 day," the apical remark said. "You're conscionable a capitalist! Don't unreal to beryllium a bully person!" different remark screamed.

        Jack Ma remained soundless passim Tuesday, arsenic rumors against him swirled connected the Chinese internet. Hashtags astir the detention of the fishy surnamed Ma were among the apical trending topics connected Weibo, drafting hundreds of millions of views.

          "He has lone silence, which is simply a 'special mode of existing'," Zhang Feng, a columnist, wrote successful a wide shared WeChat nonfiction pursuing the incident.

          "This benignant of soundlessness is of profound significance. For a nationalist figure, his code itself is an 'extension' of his existence. When a idiosyncratic nary longer speaks up, though helium is inactive alive, inactive doing things, astatine slightest portion of him has 'vanished'."

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