A Farewell (For Now) From Damian Barr’s Literary Salon

2 months ago 22

Our dearest podcast listeners – we have a special, important message for you from our founder Damian Barr, as we say a very fond but sad farewell to the Literary Salon…

Some of you have come along in person or online or listened to our podcast for years. Thank you for being there—readers bring a book to life, and that’s what you’ve done for Salon. It’s been fifteen years since our first night at Shoreditch House and we’ve grown beyond any dream Damian dared have.

So in this special final episode, Damian shares his decision with you, takes us on a joyful trip down memory lane, and gives you a sneak peek of the next chapter.

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This podcast is edited and produced by Megan Bay Dorman, and programmed by Matt Casbourne.

Damian Barr's Literary Salon

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