A Florida judge is expected to make a decision in coming weeks on a lawsuit by Gabby Petito's parents

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(CNN)A Florida justice said helium plans to contented an bid wrong the adjacent 2 weeks regarding a suit filed by Gabby Petito's parents against the parents of Brian Laundrie.

In a ailment filed successful March, Joseph Petito and Nichole Schmidt alleged Christopher and Roberta Laundrie knew their lad killed Petito and that they "acted with malice oregon large indifference" by not disclosing wherever her remains were.

In their tribunal filings, Petito's parents besides said Laundrie's parents "exhibited utmost and outrageous conduct" and requested "just compensation for the damages they person suffered, unneurotic with costs, and specified different relief."

A timeline of 22-year-old Gabby Petito's lawsuit

Laundrie's parents person filed a question to dismiss the civilian lawsuit.

Petito, whose disappearance past summertime gripped the nation, was recovered dormant successful Wyoming aft embarking on a cross-country travel with Laundrie, who was her fiance. A coroner ruled she died by strangulation. After returning to their Florida location unsocial and past leaving again, Laundrie was recovered dormant weeks later. A aesculapian examiner ruled helium died by suicide.

Circuit Court Judge Hunter Carroll's announcement Wednesday came aft helium heard arguments from attorneys for some sides.

An lawyer for the Laundries argued Wednesday that "everybody has the close to their backstage enclave."

"They don't person to travel and affirmatively authorities everything they cognize astir everything," lawyer Matthew Luka said successful court. "That's conscionable not the mode our nine works. It's not however the constitution works. People are protected until they're not."

In response, the Petito household lawyer said that the suit doesn't purpose to unit the defendants to accidental anything.

Gabby Petito's parent  files wrongful decease  suit  against Brian Laundrie's estate

"That's not what we're doing," the Petito household lawyer said. "We're seeking damages for their conduct."

Petito's parents sat adjacent to their lawyer during the proceeding and astatine times, Petito's parent was seen crying.

Separately, Schmidt has filed a suit asking for monetary compensation for the "wrongful death" of her daughter and requesting a proceedings by jury.

"As a nonstop and proximate effect of Brian Laundrie's tortious conduct, Nichole Schmidt and Joseph Petito incurred ceremonial and burial expenses, and they person suffered a nonaccomplishment of attraction and comfort, and person suffered a nonaccomplishment of probable aboriginal companionship, nine and comfort," that suit said.

No proceedings day has been acceptable successful the case.

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