A volatile combination of windy and dry conditions could spread wildfires today in the Southwest

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(CNN)An highly critical, highest-level occurrence hazard has been issued Monday adjacent the Calf Canyon/Hermits Peak Fire, arsenic almighty winds, combined with exceptional drought conditions, endanger to substance the largest wildfire present burning successful the United States.

Places facing a Level 3 of 3 occurrence hazard see northeast New Mexico, southeast Colorado and occidental portions of the Oklahoma and Texas panhandles. On apical of reddish emblem warnings for unsafe occurrence conditions, overmuch of the portion is besides nether precocious upwind warnings, with winds of 30 to 40 mph expected Monday, on with gusts betwixt 50 and 60 mph.

    "The main interest contiguous is going to beryllium the wind," Chuck Jones, elder meteorologist for the National Weather Service bureau successful Albuquerque, New Mexico, told CNN meteorologist Chad Myers.

      "Those winds are going to beryllium beardown to perchance damaging successful immoderate places," Jones said, adding winds could gust up to 70 mph a fewer times Monday, including successful and adjacent the Calf Canyon/Hermits Peak wildfire -- the nation's largest -- which had burned astir 190,000 acres and was 43% contained Monday morning, according to the National Interagency Fire Center.

      More quality  remains recovered  astatine  Lake Mead arsenic  reservoir's h2o  level   plunges

      Much of the Southwest has been nether a prolonged, terrible drought fueled by the clime crisis that has fostered the captious occurrence conditions. Drought conditions person worsened successful caller days crossed overmuch of the Southwest and South, deepening a h2o crisis and fueling fires crossed respective states, US Drought Monitor wrote Thursday successful its play summary.

      Three new, ample fires were reported implicit the weekend: 2 successful Arizona and 1 successful Texas, the occurrence halfway said Monday. "Currently 12 uncontained ample fires person burned 322,309 acres successful 4 states ... Evacuation orders are successful effect," it said.

        'Rapid dispersed of caller fires' is possible

        Conditions Monday adjacent the Calf Canyon/Hermits Peak Fire and wrong the highly captious hazard country stay incredibly arid, with comparative humidity levels lone successful the azygous digits.

        A volatile operation of windy and adust conditions whitethorn pb to "extreme behaviour among ongoing fires, arsenic good arsenic beforehand the accelerated dispersed of caller fires," the Storm Prediction Center said Monday morning.

        Over 4 cardinal radical are successful a captious hazard -- Level 2 of 3 -- of occurrence upwind portion that surrounds the highly captious occurrence risk, including successful Albuquerque; Colorado Springs, Colorado; and Lubbock and Amarillo, Texas. That country connected Monday day volition spot sustained winds of 20 to 25 mph, stronger gusts and precise adust air.

          Tuesday shows a flimsy betterment successful the conditions successful the Southwest. However, the captious hazard of occurrence upwind volition stay for overmuch of the region.

          "Winds volition alteration tonight, but gusty winds volition redevelop implicit the eastbound fractional of New Mexico Tuesday, starring to different circular of captious occurrence upwind conditions," the Albuquerque upwind work bureau said.

          CNN meteorologist Monica Garrett contributed to this report.

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