A woman used Grubhub to contact police while she was allegedly being held hostage in the Bronx

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(CNN)A 24-year-old pistillate utilized Grubhub to interaction constabulary portion she was allegedly being held hostage successful the Bronx implicit the weekend, according to a transgression complaint.

The unidentified woman, who had agreed to conscionable up with a antheral she had antecedently been chatting with connected a dating app, was allegedly assaulted and aboriginal raped by the man, the ailment says.

According to the complaint, the antheral took the woman's telephone distant but she said she was capable to retrieve it erstwhile she asked the antheral if she could bid food.

A transcript of the order, placed via Grubhub, a nutrient transportation service, shows she wrote successful the comments section: "please telephone the police...please don't marque it obvious."

When the antheral opened the doorway expecting the nutrient delivery, helium was met by officers from the New York Police Department, according to the complaint.

Bronx antheral charged with intersexual assault, rape

Employees astatine the Chipper Truck Cafe successful Yonkers, New York, received the woman's Grubhub bid and her plea for assistance astir 5:20 a.m. connected June 19.

Alice Bermejo, 1 of the restaurant's owners, told CNN Wednesday that an worker who saw the enactment called her husband, who past advised them to telephone the police.

"It was conscionable a waiting crippled to spot what happened. We didn't cognize if it was existent oregon fake," Bermejo said.

NYPD officers responded to the code astir an hr aboriginal and arrested 32-year-old Kemoy Royal astatine the scene.

Royal is being charged with committing predatory intersexual assault, rape, transgression intersexual act, and intersexual abuse, according to a transgression complaint.

Royal was arraigned connected Sunday and a justice acceptable bail astatine $25,000 cash. He remains successful custody and is adjacent scheduled to look successful tribunal connected Friday, tribunal records show.

Royal besides faces abstracted charges of strangulation, committing intersexual maltreatment and attempted transgression intersexual enactment for different alleged intersexual battle against a 26-year-old pistillate astir 4 days earlier, the ailment states. It is not instantly wide however constabulary linked the 2 cases together.

CNN has reached retired to Royal's lawyer for comment.

Restaurant proprietor is grateful the pistillate is safe, is thankful to Grubhub

Bermejo said constabulary officials called Sunday day to pass them that the woman's petition for constabulary was real, idiosyncratic had been arrested and the pistillate was safe.

She told CNN she is inactive successful daze astir what happened but is thankful that the pistillate was rescued.

"We're conscionable grateful that the miss is okay. That is the astir important thing," Bermejo said.

While she does not cognize the individuality of the woman, Bermejo said she hopes they conscionable 1 time and that she tin springiness her a hug.

Employees astatine  the Chipper Truck Cafe successful  Yonkers, New York received the woman's Grubhub order, and her plea for help.

Grubhub said Wednesday that their COO reached retired to Bermejo Wednesday greeting to connection $5000 "that she tin put successful her concern arsenic our mode of recognizing her and (her family) for their speedy thinking."

"Every clip we spot a elemental but bonzer enactment similar this, we are amazed by however our partners positively interaction their communities," Grubhub said successful a statement. "However they determine to usage the money, we anticipation it helps the edifice and reminds each of their customers of what astonishing radical (they) are."

Bermejo said the wealth volition "definitely spell to bully use."

"For them to telephone america and convey america was a large capable woody for us," Bermejo said. "We're precise grateful to them... due to the fact that arsenic everybody knows, the pandemic has been pugnacious connected everybody."

CNN's Travis Nichols and Emily Chang contributed to this report.

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