Aaron Rodgers tells radio show he is unvaccinated, getting Covid advice from Joe Rogan

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(CNN)Green Bay Packers prima backmost Aaron Rodgers confirmed helium is unvaccinated against Covid-19 and is disappointed with the attraction he's been receiving successful the media portion appearing connected The Pat McAfee Show connected Friday.

"I recognize I'm successful the crosshairs of the woke mob close now," Rodgers said. "So, earlier my last nail gets enactment successful my cancel civilization casket, I deliberation I would similar to acceptable the grounds consecutive connected truthful galore of the blatant lies that are retired determination astir myself."

Rodgers said the media was connected a "witch hunt" to find retired which players were vaccinated and blamed reporters for him saying helium was "immunized" backmost successful August.

While talking with McAfee connected his SiriusXM show, the three-time MVP repeated immoderate Covid-19 misconceptions and said helium has conferred with podcast big Joe Rogan connected however to woody with a coronavirus infection.

The quarterback, who has led Green Bay to a 7-1 record, will not play successful the Packers crippled against the Kansas City Chiefs this play owed to Covid-19 protocols, the team's caput manager Matt LaFleur announced Wednesday.

The 37-year-old Rodgers said if immoderate newsman would person asked a follow-up question, helium would person explained he's "not an anti-vax level earther," but that he's a "critical thinker."

Rogers added helium has been pursuing the strict NFL protocols for unvaccinated players to a "T." Rodgers described the regular investigating helium is subjected to each day, adjacent connected disconnected days, and believes the rules are successful spot to shame unvaccinated people. Rodgers said helium has been tested implicit 300 times earlier investigating affirmative this week.

Rodgers said helium experienced immoderate mild symptoms for astir 48 hours but presently "feels truly good." He wasn't definite erstwhile helium would instrumentality to the tract oregon what protocols were successful spot for him present that helium tested affirmative for the caller coronavirus.

Quarterback took proposal from Joe Rogan

Rodgers said helium consulted with podcast big Joe Rogan and took his proposal connected however helium treated his ain Covid-19.

"I consulted with a present bully person of mine, Joe Rogan, aft helium got Covid, and I've a batch of the worldly helium recommended successful his podcast and connected the telephone to me," Rodgers said.

Packers prima  QB Aaron Rodgers retired  for Chiefs crippled  owed  to Covid-19 protocols. Multiple outlets study  helium  tested affirmative  for virus

"I'm going to person the champion immunity imaginable present based connected the 2.5-million-person survey from Israel that the radical that get Covid and recover, person the astir robust immunity. I'm thankful for radical similar Joe stepping up and utilizing his voice. I'm thankful for my aesculapian squad and I'm thankful for each the emotion and enactment I've gotten but I've been taking monoclonal antibodies, ivermectin, zinc, vitamin C and DHCQ and I consciousness beauteous incredible."

Of these, lone monoclonal antibodies are approved treatments for Covid-19 but those unsocial could relationship for immoderate betterment successful his symptoms.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention noted an Israeli study looked astatine radical who had been vaccinated six months earlier oregon longer. "Understanding infection-induced and vaccine-induced immunity implicit clip is important, peculiarly for aboriginal studies to consider," they wrote.

Rodgers said helium did not get vaccinated due to the fact that helium has an allergy to an constituent successful the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines and was frightened astir the imaginable broadside effects from the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. He said the determination to question alternate treatments was "what was champion for my body."

Rodgers said the NFL knew helium was unvaccinated, and helium had aggregate conversations with NFL doctors including 1 wherever a doc told him, "it is intolerable for a vaccinated idiosyncratic to get Covid oregon dispersed Covid."

When asked astir Aaron Rodgers' assertion that a NFL doc told him "it is intolerable for vaccinated idiosyncratic to get Covid oregon dispersed Covid," a league root tells CNN "no doc from the league oregon the associated NFL-NFLPA infectious illness consultants communicated with the player."

Rodgers told McAfee helium had antecedently tried to "petition" the league that his homeopathic attraction of expanding his antibodies should beryllium considered arsenic an alternate to getting afloat vaccinated via Moderna, Pfizer oregon Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

Rodgers continued, "at that constituent I knew I was decidedly not going to triumph the appeal."

CNN has asked the NFL astir this assertion and whether the league has a comment.

There is nary grounds that homeopathic treatments tin impact a person's antibodies, experts say.

McAfee, a erstwhile NFL subordinate and WWE wrestler turned sports commentator, said connected Twitter successful August helium tested affirmative for a breakthrough lawsuit of Covid-19 contempt being afloat vaccinated.

Vaccines amended than erstwhile infections, CDC says

Rodgers said, "The vaccines bash connection immoderate extortion for definite but determination is simply a batch we don't cognize astir them. ... There is simply a batch to earthy immunity. ... If you person gotten Covid and recovered from it, that's the champion boost to immunity you tin have."

Rodgers is not incorrect successful reasoning radical who person recovered from Covid-19 person immoderate immunity -- but it's not astir arsenic overmuch immunity arsenic vaccinated radical have. A squad of researchers led by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported successful October that vaccination protects radical against coronavirus corruption overmuch amended than erstwhile corruption does.

Their survey recovered radical who had not been vaccinated and who ended up successful the infirmary were 5 times much apt to person Covid-19 than radical who had been vaccinated wrong the past 3 to six months.

"All eligible persons should beryllium vaccinated against COVID-19 arsenic soon arsenic possible, including unvaccinated persons antecedently infected with SARS-CoV-2," the researchers wrote successful the CDC's play report, the MMWR.

Rodgers expresses doubts

The Green Bay backmost paraphrased Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. portion explaining his stance, "The large MLK said that 'You person a motivation work to entity to unjust rules and rules that marque nary sense.'" Rodgers said definite strict NFL protocols were not based connected science, noting if helium tested antagonistic for Covid-19 each time and was surrounded by vaccinated people, wherefore should helium beryllium "shamed" into wearing a disguise passim the Packers facility.

In August, Rodgers was asked whether helium had received the Covid-19 vaccine. Rodgers said helium had been "immunized."

"There's a batch of speech astir it, astir the league, and a batch of guys who person made statements and not made statements," Rodgers said. "Owners person made statements. There's guys connected the squad that haven't been vaccinated. I deliberation it's idiosyncratic decision. I'm not going to justice those guys. There's guys that person been vaccinated and contracted Covid. So it's an absorbing issue."

The NFL said it is reviewing the situation. A league spokesperson told CNN successful a statement, "The superior work for enforcement of the Covid Protocols wrong Club facilities rests with each Club.

    "Failure to decently enforce the protocols has resulted successful subject being assessed against idiosyncratic Clubs successful the past. The league is alert of the existent concern successful Green Bay and volition beryllium reviewing with the Packers."

    Vaccinated players who trial affirmative and stay asymptomatic are eligible to instrumentality aft investigating antagonistic doubly successful a 24-hour span. Unvaccinated players are required to quarantine for 10 days and past trial antagonistic to return.

    CNN's Steve Almasy and Maggie Fox contributed to this report.

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