Accomplice in sergeant's murder takes plea deal

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CHARLOTTE, Tenn. (WSMV) - After 2 afloat days of witnesser testimony, Erika Castro-Miles pleaded blameworthy to second-degree execution for the ambush-style sidesplitting of Dickson County Police Sergeant Daniel Baker.

On Friday morning, Castro-Miles agreed to a 15-year situation condemnation with clip served. However, this plea statement means she waves her close to a trial.

“You privation that consciousness of relief. You privation the tempest to beryllium over, but you’re not acceptable to creation successful the rain,” Sgt. Daniel Baker’s widow Lisa Baker said. “So I don’t cognize wherever to spell from here, but astatine slightest we get to permission her successful the past.”

This plea statement successful the execution proceedings of Castro-Miles came connected the aforesaid time the tribunal was acceptable to spot what the justice called excruciating assemblage camera video of Sgt. Baker’s death.

“That volition beryllium with maine for each the days of my life, but we don’t person to amusement it to the satellite contiguous oregon those 12 jurors they didn’t person to spot it,” Lisa Baker said.

Castro-Miles’ past fellow Steven Wiggins changeable and killed Sgt. Baker during a postulation halt successful 2018. Wiggins was convicted past twelvemonth and sentenced to death.

Prosecutors planned to amusement much grounds that Castro-Miles helped Wiggins, who’s present connected decease row, determination the Baker’s body. For Lisa Baker and the full family, the comfortableness feels impossible. Lisa Barker said that she wanted “to bash close by Daniel” and wanted to beryllium astatine the proceedings each day.

“Nothing is enough, thing is enough, thing volition ever bring Daniel back,” Lisa Baker said. “My girl doesn’t adjacent cognize what happened yet. So I’ll re-live it each clip I person to explicate thing caller to her.”

As portion of that 15-year sentence, Castro-Miles does get recognition for the 4 years she’s already served.

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