Activist Investor Dan Loeb Backs Off Pushing Disney to Sell ESPN

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Activist investor Dan Loeb signaled Sunday greeting connected Twitter that helium is backing disconnected his propulsion to persuade Walt Disney Co. DIS 2.54% to rotation disconnected its fashionable sports tv web ESPN.

The alteration of bosom comes aft Disney’s Chief Executive Bob Chapek said successful media interviews astatine this weekend’s D23 Expo event—an yearly gathering of Disney fans wherever the institution announces caller shows and films—that helium has plans for ESPN to beryllium a large maturation motor and a ample portion of the company’s amusement offerings.

“As Bob has said, ESPN is an integral portion of The Walt Disney Company, and helium believes that its afloat imaginable volition proceed to beryllium realized arsenic we execute against our strategical imaginativeness for the astir trusted marque successful sports,” said Disney spokeswoman Kristina Schake connected Sunday.

Last month, Mr. Loeb’s hedge money Third Point LLC announced that it had renewed its involvement successful Disney banal aft having liquidated 1 earlier this year. He sent a missive to Mr. Chapek asking for large changes to Disney’s business, including spinning disconnected ESPN, refreshing Disney’s committee and cutting spending.

“We person a amended knowing of ESPN’s imaginable arsenic a stand-alone concern and different vertical for [Disney] to scope a planetary assemblage to make advertisement and subscriber revenues,” Mr. Loeb wrote connected Twitter Sunday morning. “We look guardant to seeing [ESPN main James] Pitaro execute connected the maturation and innovation plans, generating sizeable synergies arsenic portion of The Walt Disney company.”

Mr. Loeb declined to remark beyond his tweets, a spokeswoman said. Messrs. Loeb and Chapek “have regular conversations” and are presently successful adjacent contact, radical acquainted with the substance said.

The caller stake for Mr. Loeb’s money represented little than 1% of Disney’s shares outstanding and astatine the clip had an economical worth of astir $1 billion, The Wall Street Journal has antecedently reported.

The thought of Disney selling ESPN has travel up often successful caller years arsenic the terms of sports broadcast rights has steadily risen.

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Disney shares are down 26.5% this twelvemonth arsenic of the adjacent of trading Friday. In August, the institution reported stronger-than-expected fiscal results and an summation of 14.4 cardinal subscribers to its Disney+ streaming service.

Last month, Disney said successful effect to Mr. Loeb’s Third Point letter, “We invited the views of each our investors.” The institution said its committee has been continuously refreshed, “with an mean tenure of 4 years.”

The thought of selling ESPN—which sends a dependable travel of currency to Disney via licensing agreements with cablegram TV operators—has travel up often successful caller years arsenic the terms of sports broadcast rights has steadily risen. Some investors person argued that ESPN is much invaluable arsenic a stand-alone company than arsenic a part of Disney.

The web is location to immoderate of the most-watched events connected tv and it attracts immense numbers of prime-time viewers, according to Nielsen. ESPN besides brings successful important fees to Disney. On average, each American with a pay-TV bundle that features ESPN pays much than $100 a twelvemonth for entree to the network, according to Kagan, a media probe radical wrong S&P Global Market Intelligence.

For Disney, ESPN+, the streaming work attached to the sports web is growing. ESPN+ has 22.8 cardinal subscribers, Disney reported past month, a 53% summation from a twelvemonth earlier.

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