Actors Are Auctioning Off Completely Bonkers Services To Raise Money During Strikes

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If you’ve ever yearned for a watercolor portrait of your dog painted by John Lithgow, there’s no need to beg — you can have it.

That is, if you’re willing to shell out thousands of dollars for a good cause.

Celebrities are offering up their time, precious memorabilia, and, uh, lesser-known talents, to raise money as part of the Union Solidarity Coalition, a charity that was set up this year to financially support Hollywood crew members who are out of work due to the writers strike, Variety reported.

TV and film writers, and more recently, actors, are on strike over pay and working conditions. The Union Solidarity Coalition explains on its website that it’s raising funds for unionized crew members because the ongoing strikes are putting many workers in the entertainment industry at risk of not qualifying for health insurance next quarter.

So, to make sure out-of-work crew members can get the medical care they need, the coalition got famous folks to offer up some goods and services on eBay. The online auction opened for bids on Tuesday evening and runs through Sept. 22.

Some of the offerings are pretty tame — like a Hawaiian shirt signed by Weird Al Yankovic and Daniel Radcliffe, or an apron signed by the cast of “The Bear.”

As you can imagine, when the news hit X, formerly Twitter, people had some very funny things to say about these auctions.

Inevitably, the more outrageous celebrity offerings also sparked a meme, with social media users imagining what they’d like their favorite celebrity to auction off.

Best part? Unlike participating in the auction itself, reading people’s hilarious auction ideas is totally free. Check them out below!

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