Adam Levine Breaks Silence On Influencer's Cheating Accusation: 'I Crossed The Line'

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Adam Levine is admitting to “poor judgment” but not a full-fledged matter aft an Instagram influencer claimed she carried connected an extramarital relationship with the Maroon 5 frontman for months.

The vocalist addressed the accusations made by Sumner Stroh, who publically aired the erstwhile “Voice” coach’s alleged soiled laundry successful a viral TikTok video that’s present racked up implicit 15 cardinal views.

“I utilized mediocre judgement successful speaking with anyone different than my woman successful ANY benignant of flirtatious manner,” helium said successful a connection to TMZ on Tuesday. “I did not person an affair, nevertheless, I crossed the enactment during a regrettable play of my life.”

“In definite instances it became inappropriate. I person addressed that and taken proactive steps to remedy this with my family.”

Levine is joined to Victoria’s Secret exemplary Behati Prinsloo, with whom helium shares 2 young daughters, Dusty Rose and Gio Grace. The mates are presently expecting their 3rd child, whom Stroh claimed the vocalist intended to sanction aft her.

“My woman and my household is each I attraction astir successful this world. To beryllium this naive and anserine capable to hazard the lone happening that genuinely matters to maine was the top mistake I could ever make,” Levine continued. “I volition ne'er marque it again. I instrumentality afloat responsibility. We volition get done it and we volition get done it together.”

In her video, Stroh said she felt “completely manipulated” and “exploited” by their alleged narration astatine the time, fixed Levine’s level of fame and powerfulness wrong the industry.

“I was having an matter with a antheral who’s joined to a Victoria’s Secret model. At the time, I was young, I was naive,” she said.

To legitimize her claims, Stroh showed alleged screenshots of flirty messages Levine sent implicit Instagram, with 1 reading: “Ok superior question. I’m having different babe and if it’s [a] lad I truly wanna sanction it Sumner. You good with that? DEAD serious.”

“Embarrassed I was progressive w a antheral with this utter deficiency of remorse and respect,” she captioned her video.

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