Advocates fight for pedestrian, cyclist safety

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INDIANAPOLIS — A city-county assembly ordinance introduced connected Monday aims to support cyclists and pedestrians by updating the city's Complete Streets Policy.

The existent Complete Streets Policy was enacted successful 2012. It commits the metropolis to make a proscription strategy that is inclusive of each users, including pedestrians, cyclists, and transit users.

City-County Councillor John Barth (D-District 7) wrote the archetypal authorities and is updating it present aft a rash of pedestrian and cyclist deaths successful the city.

"The intent of implicit streets is that you make an attack to streets and improvement that keeps each the users successful mind," Barth said.

Damon Richards, the enforcement manager of Bike Indianapolis, has been advocating for safer streets for years.

"Stop designing our metropolis for cars, and commencement designing our metropolis for people. People sometimes are successful cars and sometimes are connected bikes and sometimes are walking. Sometimes they're rollerblading oregon scootering. We request to plan streets that fto radical usage each those modes of proscription safely," Richards said.

Richards likes the caller proposal. He says it "has teeth." It creates a reappraisal committee to survey the origin of each fatal crash. The committee volition place immoderate infrastructure changes needed to forestall aboriginal tragedies.

Richards likes the thought of the committee but would similar to spot it spell 1 measurement further. The reports volition beryllium delivered to the mayor, IMPD, and the section of nationalist works. But nary of those agencies are required to really marque changes.

"We judge that the metropolis leaders should person to respond to those reports publically arsenic well," Richards said.

Barth hopes that successful time, the ordinance volition alteration the mode everyone gets around. It requires metropolis officials to deliberation astir multi-use proscription for each aboriginal program and operation project. But it's a dilatory process that could instrumentality years.

"By orienting distant from gathering streets and associated infrastructure towards, to gathering it for cyclists and pedestrians and different users, past you're making neighborhoods stronger and safer," Barth said.

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