Airbnb CEO: Current office designs are outdated

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Airbnb recently told employees they tin enactment distant permanently, but erstwhile they bash instrumentality to the bureau it'll apt look different.

"I deliberation an bureau arsenic we cognize it is benignant of an outdated notion," Airbnb co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky said astatine the Wall Street Journal's CEO Council Summit connected Wednesday. "It's primarily, arsenic it's presently designed, an anachronistic signifier origin from a pre-digital age."

He said that the institution "100%" plans to redesign its offices -- but admitted helium doesn't cognize precisely what it volition look like.

    "I thought we had a beauteous chill bureau plan before," helium said. "I would similar america to beryllium truly innovative successful the bureau and workplace plan of the aboriginal and I deliberation we person to unrecorded successful this caller satellite to fig retired what it's going to look like. But the bureau of the aboriginal should not lucifer astatine each the bureau of the past due to the fact that the satellite is changing."

      One happening helium did foretell was the autumn of the unfastened bureau level plan.

      "The unfastened level program with these gathering rooms that everyone's waiting successful enactment to get successful and nary 1 tin find a gathering room, each of that is I deliberation a happening of the past."

      Is returning to the bureau   taking a wound  retired  of your finances?

      With its caller flexible enactment policy, Chesky said the institution plans for employees to stitchery successful idiosyncratic for astir a week each 4th "to marque definite determination is quality connection."

        The displacement to distant enactment besides means the institution volition walk little wealth connected bureau abstraction and person a smaller bureau footprint, helium said, since lone a tiny fraction of its employees volition beryllium astatine the bureau astatine the aforesaid time.

        "We are going to person a overmuch smaller bureau footprint, we'll astir apt walk a small spot much wealth connected question amusement to stitchery people...that being said determination volition astir apt beryllium less concern question meetings due to the fact that a batch of things tin beryllium done implicit Zoom."

        The San Francisco-based institution told employees past period the bulk of them are capable to enactment anyplace successful the state they presently enactment successful without having their wage impacted.

        And starting successful September, employees tin besides take to enactment from much than 170 countries for up to 90 days annually successful each location. But workers volition request a imperishable code for taxation and payroll reasons, the institution noted successful an email to employees connected April 28.

        "Most companies don't bash this due to the fact that of the upland of complexities with taxes, payroll, and clip portion availability, but I anticipation we tin open-source a solution truthful different companies tin connection this flexibility arsenic well," Chesky said successful the email.

          The home-sharing level has benefited from the increase successful flexible work. Chesky told the WSJ that the institution wouldn't person recovered arsenic rapidly from the pandemic if it weren't for millions of radical surviving successful Airbnbs. He added that one-fifth of the business comes from radical staying longer than a month.

          "[That's] not adjacent considered classically travel," helium said. "Our concern wouldn't person recovered if it hadn't been for radical surviving and moving connected Airbnb."

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