Airbnb Removes ‘Slave Cabin’ From Site, Apologizes After Getting Blasted In Viral TikTok

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Airbnb has removed a listing successful Greenville, Mississippi, aft outrage implicit its advertisement arsenic an “1830s enslaved cabin.”

A New Orleans civilian rights attorney, Wynton Yates, initially spotted the listing and called retired the institution successful a viral TikTok video that has garnered much than 2 cardinal views.

According to screenshots of the since-deleted listing, the cabin, known arsenic Panther Burn Cabin, sits adjacent to a mansion with 9 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms.

The 9,000-square-foot mansion, built successful 1857, was advertised arsenic “the past remaining antebellum mansion standing” successful the area, according to the listing. The listing besides referenced the past of the smaller cottage adjacent to it.

“This peculiar structure, the Panther Burn Cabin, is an 1830s enslaved compartment from the extant Panther Burn Plantation to the southbound of Belmont,” the since-deleted listing said. “It has besides been utilized arsenic a tenant sharecroppers compartment and a aesculapian bureau for section farmers and their families to sojourn the plantation doctor.”

In the video posted Friday, Yates condemned the San Francisco-based company’s actions, saying, “How is this good successful somebody’s caput to rent this out? A spot wherever quality beings were kept arsenic slaves, rent this retired arsenic a furniture and breakfast?”

The listing had 68 reviews and a 4.97 rating, Yates’ screenshots showed.

Airbnb took down the listing soon aft and issued an apology.

“Properties that formerly housed the enslaved person nary spot connected Airbnb,” institution spokesperson Ben Breit said successful a connection to The Washington Post. “We apologize for immoderate trauma oregon grief created by the beingness of this listing, and others similar it, and that we did not enactment sooner to code this issue.”

The idiosyncratic who took ownership of the spot past month, Brad Hauser, told the Post successful a connection that the gathering had been a plantation doctor’s bureau and ne'er housed slaves, but it was “the erstwhile owner’s determination to marketplace the gathering arsenic the spot wherever slaves erstwhile slept.”

Hauser, who revealed helium “strongly opposed” the erstwhile owner’s decision, said helium was determined to springiness guests a “historically close portrayal” of beingness astatine the Belmont Plantation.

The 52-year-old big said helium is “not funny successful making wealth disconnected slavery” and apologized for “insulting African Americans whose ancestors were slaves.”

On Tuesday, Yates told The Post that helium initially recovered retired astir the Greenville listing successful a radical substance message.

The 34-year-old said his brother’s person was connected the hunt for rental properties successful the country and discovered the compartment was the lone listing available.

“To spot weddings connected plantations and events connected plantations and suburbs and subdivisions named aft plantations and plantation owners is thing I’ve been grossed retired by each time of my life. But this was a caller level of disrespect for what slavery was,” Yates said.

The rental institution said it is moving with experts to make policies to code properties tied to slavery.

HuffPost has reached retired to Airbnb for further comments.

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