Airbnb will rent out Carrie Bradshaw's 'Sex and the City' apartment for two nights in November

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(CNN)For "Sex and the City" fans who couldn't assistance but wonder whether they, too, could bask the lavish manner of Carrie Bradshaw and her unit -- astatine slightest for a nighttime -- there's a accidental present to find out.

For conscionable 2 nights successful November, Airbnb is renting a mentation of Carrie's enviable brownstone that begged the question, "How did a enactment columnist spend this gorgeous flat connected the Upper East Side?" It's got each the accoutrements that made it truthful memorable connected the show, positive a virtual sojourn from Carrie herself, Sarah Jessica Parker. (Big, Aidan and different flaky emotion interests not included.)

The brownstone stays volition hap conscionable weeks up of the premiere of "And Just Like That ...," the upcoming HBO Max bid that continues the adventures of Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte sans Samantha. (HBO Max and CNN stock a genitor company, WarnerMedia.) Oh, and due to the fact that the archetypal "Sex and the City" premiered 23 years ago, each one-night enactment volition outgo guests conscionable $23.

    At this recreation of Carrie's brownstone, you tin  constitute   up   a file  based connected  your idiosyncratic   beingness  earlier  collapsing into bed, connected  the telephone  with your girlfriends.

    Parker volition greet guests (via video) successful the benignant of 1 of Carrie's galore contemplative monologues earlier turning them escaped into her character's fabulous apartment. Look, there's Carrie's penning desk, wherever she mined her tumultuous idiosyncratic beingness for paper fodder, and an appropriately old-school laptop. If you perfectly indispensable telephone your girlfriends during your stay, Carrie's chunky cordless landline tin equilibrium neatly against your enarthrosis portion you sift done shoes connected the level of her closet.

      Carrie's closet is afloat   stocked for guests to play   dress-up. Peep Carrie's celebrated  tutu (sans stains) connected  the right.

      Speaking of Carrie's spacious closet, it's an adult's dress-up imagination travel true. Overflowing with couture and Carrie's signature styles -- yes, the tutu is there, based connected photos provided by Airbnb -- and painted successful the aforesaid cerulean bluish of our protagonist's flat successful the "Sex and the City" film, Carrie's walk-in closet has plentifulness of options for a fashionable outfit for brunch and Cosmos.

      It's imaginable  this Airbnb mentation    of Carrie's flat  is adjacent    chicer than the original.

        To beryllium clear, this isn't Carrie's archetypal flat -- the interior seen connected the bid was constructed connected a set, and the exterior of the brownstone was really located successful the West Village and had a fascinating past of its own. It's a recreation, located successful New York's tony Chelsea neighborhood. (Oh, and though the enactment lone costs $23 earlier taxes, guests are liable for getting themselves to New York, per Airbnb.)

        Be aware, "SATC" devotees -- scoring a enactment astatine Carrie's could get much competitory than the rivalry betwixt Kim Cattrall and SJP. Booking opens November 8 astatine noon ET for one-night stays connected November 12 and November 13.

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