Albert Pujols hits HR No. 697 to overtake A-Rod for career home runs as Cardinals beat Pirates

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Pujols deed  a clutch two-run HR astatine  the apical  of the ninth to crook   the crippled  astir   for the Cardinals.

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Albert Pujols deed his 697th location run, moving him up of Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez connected the all-time list, to powerfulness the St. Louis Cardinals past the Pittsburgh Pirates 4-3.

The Dominican slugger’s two-run thrust astatine the apical of the ninth moved him to 4th connected the list, and he’s present lone down legends Babe Ruth (714), Hank Aaron (755) and Barry Bonds (762) successful all-time Major League Baseball location runs.

Pujols volition present person his sights acceptable connected joining the illustrious 700 location tally club, but helium lone has 21 games near to scope the milestone aft announcing that this would beryllium the last play successful his storied career.

The two-time World Series champion is adamant that, if helium doesn’t deed the 700 milestone, it volition not impact his determination to decorativeness his 22-year vocation astatine the extremity of the season.

In July, helium told USA Today, “I’m inactive going to retire, nary substance whether I extremity up hitting 693, 696, 700, whatever, I don’t get caught up successful numbers. If you were going to archer maine 22 years agone that I would beryllium this close, I would person told you that you’re freakin’ crazy. My vocation has been amazing.”

Pujols rejoined the Cardinals successful  March aft  11 years distant  from the team.

Just a fewer months ago, hitting the 700-mark seemed unlikely; Pujols had a dilatory commencement to the regular play aft re-joining the squad helium began his Major League Baseball vocation with.

The archetypal baseman lone managed 2 location runs successful April and May and failed to registry a azygous location tally successful June. But helium has since picked up the pace, hitting 12 location runs since the All-Star interruption successful July.

Pujols’ resurgence has seen the three-time National League MVP bask 1 of his champion seasons successful caller years. The 42-year-old is hitting .266/.338/.528 with 48 RBI successful 91 games and has .866 OPS, signifier which helium has not seen since his archetypal stint successful St. Louis.

Pujols is hoping to triumph   his 3rd  World Series successful  his last  season.

As ever, Pujols is not 1 to beryllium caught up successful his ain achievements. When the fans who caught his 9th-inning weaponry tried to instrumentality the ball, helium refused and alternatively talented the mates 2 much signed balls.

“It’s conscionable a baseball. They merit to person it. It went retired of the ballpark,” Pujols told “We play this crippled for the fans. So whether they privation to springiness it backmost oregon they privation to support it, I don’t person immoderate occupation with that. I deliberation it means for that miss much than maine having it successful my trophy case.”

The triumph leaves Pujols’ Cardinals apical of the NL Central with an 83-58 record, a period earlier the extremity of the regular season. The Cardinals question to Milwaukee to look the second-place Brewers connected Wednesday.

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