Alex Jones' 2nd Sandy Hook Defamation Trial Set To Start In Connecticut

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Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones volition spell to proceedings for the 2nd clip this twelvemonth to reply for the lies helium dispersed claiming the 2012 Sandy Hook schoolhouse shooting ne'er happened.

A period aft a Texas assemblage deed the loud-mouthed Infowars big with a $45 cardinal verdict successful a related case, different proceedings volition footwear disconnected this week successful Connecticut, wherever a assemblage volition find however overmuch wealth Jones volition person to wage to aggregate household members of those who died successful the massacre. The proceedings volition beryllium held successful Waterbury, Connecticut, a 20-minute thrust from Newtown, wherever the shooting occurred.

A default judgement has already been entered against Jones, and the proceedings volition lone find damages.

For years, Jones utilized his right-wing conspiracy outlet’s monolithic level to dispersed the prevarication that the shooting that near 20 children and six adults dormant ne'er happened. The lies led to continued harassment of the families inactive mourning their dormant children and parents.

At the halfway of their suffering was Jones, whose Infowars profits soared arsenic helium continued amplifying the prevarication implicit the years. But recently, Jones’ actions person caught up with him. Last year, Jones lost each defamation suit brought against him by respective Sandy Hook families aft helium routinely failed to supply court-ordered documents.

At the commencement of August, a assemblage successful Austin, Texas ― wherever Infowars is based ― deed Jones with a more than $45 cardinal verdict for the symptom helium caused Sandy Hook parents Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis, whose 6-year-old son, Jesse, was killed successful the shooting.

For years, Alex Jones and his conspiracy outlet Infowars amplified the prevarication  that 20 kids and six adults weren't killed successful  the 2012 Newtown, Connecticut, shooting.
For years, Alex Jones and his conspiracy outlet Infowars amplified the prevarication that 20 kids and six adults weren't killed successful the 2012 Newtown, Connecticut, shooting.

Illustration: HuffPost/ Photo: Reuters

The August proceedings pulled backmost the curtain connected Jones’ accordant unwillingness to halt spreading lies astir the shooting adjacent arsenic others successful his orbit ― including an Infowars editor ― begged him to stop. Jones besides routinely gave airtime to Wolfgang Halbig, a 75-year-old extremist who continues to importune the shooting was a hoax.

Jones’ deficiency of remorse was connected afloat show erstwhile Neil Heslin testified connected the stand astir his dormant son. Jones was absent from tribunal that day, retreating to his Infowars workplace to telephone the genitor of the slain kid “slow” and “on the spectrum” to his audience.

When Jones yet took the stand, the family’s attorney, Mark Bankston, revealed to Jones that the conspiracist’s ain ineligible squad accidentally sent Bankston the contents of his cellphone.

“Did you cognize 12 days agone your attorneys messed up and sent maine an full integer transcript of your full cellphone, with each substance connection you’ve sent for the past 2 years?” Bankston asked Jones connected the stand. “And erstwhile informed did not instrumentality immoderate steps to place those texts arsenic privileged?”

Bankston revealed Jones’ telephone had a substance mentioning Sandy Hook, contempt Jones antecedently testifying that helium had turned implicit each of his texts related to the shooting.

“You cognize what perjury is, right?” Bankston asked him. The adjacent day, a assemblage ruled Jones indispensable wage $4.1 cardinal successful compensatory damages. The time aft that, the assemblage ruled Jones indispensable wage an further $45 cardinal successful punitive damages.

Testimony successful the Connecticut proceedings is expected to commencement Tuesday.

Erica Lafferty, 1 of the plaintiffs successful the suit against Jones, mislaid her parent successful the shooting. Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung was the main astatine Sandy Hook and died protecting the children she loved. Lafferty is present an advocator for weapon unit prevention, and told HuffPost successful June that she inactive hears her mother’s encouraging words during hard times.

“Every clip I consciousness similar I’m acceptable to springiness up, I perceive her say, ‘Kid, support fighting,’” Lafferty said of her mom.

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