Alex Jones Screams At Viewers To Buy His Products, Tells Them It's 'Life And Death'

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Infowars big Alex Jones has resorted to screaming astatine his viewers to bargain his products and telling them they enactment “the enemy” if they don’t.

During a caller occurrence of his podcast, the infamous conspiracy theorist told his viewers that determination was a “war against you and your household of ostentation and collapse” and that nameless forces were moving to “silence the leaders.”

“So erstwhile you support america successful the fight, you support yourself successful the fight, and this is beingness and death,” helium shouted. “So spell to and get astonishing products. ... Make a donation astatine the top.”

“If you don’t enactment us, you’re helping the enemy,” helium added.

His products see an array of vitamins and supplements, endurance cogwheel and branded merchandise.

He besides told viewers to donate to the defence money of Roger Stone, the longtime Donald Trump confidant who was sentenced to 40 months successful situation for aggregate felonies, including witnesser tampering, lying to Congress and obstructing the House probe into imaginable collusion betwixt the Trump run and Russia during the 2016 campaign. Trump pardoned him earlier leaving office.

Screaming “this is each retired war!” Alex Jones and Roger Stone archer their followers that the lone mode to triumph the warfare against evil Democrats is to nonstop them wealth and bargain their products.

— Ron Filipkowski 🇺🇦 (@RonFilipkowski) May 12, 2022

Three companies owned by Jones, a multimillionaire, filed for bankruptcy past period as helium seeks to debar paying damages successful defamation lawsuits helium mislaid implicit his lies astir the Sandy Hook Elementary School wide shooting.

After 26 radical were killed successful the massacre successful Connecticut successful 2012, Jones insisted it was a “hoax” staged by actors, and helium profited from his lies. He has since admitted the wide execution of children and adults did happen.

Families of the victims successfully sued him.

Jones has lined his pockets by spreading fearfulness and conspiracy theories, and by shamelessly pushing products that capitalize connected them. In 2020, helium started selling sham products that helium falsely claimed cured COVID-19, including toothpaste.

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