Amazon has no plan to make workers return to the office, CEO Andy Jassy says

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(CNN Business)Amazon CEO Andy Jassy isn't looking to unit the company's workers backmost into the bureau anytime soon.

"We don't person a program to necessitate radical to travel back," Jassy said astatine the Code Conference successful Los Angeles connected Wednesday. "But we're going to proceed adaptively arsenic we learn."

The online retail elephantine announced past October that it would fto idiosyncratic managers and teams find however overmuch clip they walk successful the office, with Jassy saying astatine the clip that "there is nary one-size-fits each attack for however each squad works best." And it appears that cognition volition proceed for the foreseeable future.

    Jassy's stance whitethorn service arsenic a marker to the tech and firm world, arsenic companies look beyond the summer and intensify their efforts to bring workers backmost to the office.

      According to a caller survey from concern consulting steadfast Gartner, 69% of mid- to large-sized employers accidental they necessitate employees with jobs that tin beryllium done remotely to beryllium astatine enactment a acceptable fig of days.

        Google started requiring its employees to walk 3 days a week successful the bureau from April this year, portion Apple's program to institute a akin request faced pushback from employees (the program was aboriginal shelved amid a emergence successful Covid cases adjacent the company's Bay Area headquarters).

        While the flexible argumentation applies to Amazon (AMZN)'s firm workers, the institution besides has thousands of transportation drivers and warehouse employees whose jobs bash not let them to enactment from home. Notably, a fig of those are attempting to unionize successful a quest for amended moving conditions.

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