Amazon's Creepy New Alexa Skill Could Be Mimicking Dead Relatives' Voices

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Amazon’s Alexa dependable adjunct is acceptable to mimic the voices of the dead, according to Rohit Prasad, Amazon elder vice president and hHead idiosyncratic for Alexa.

Prasad, during the company’s re:MARS league successful Las Vegas connected Wednesday, described Alexa’s capableness to “synthesize abbreviated audio clips” and make code from them, TechCrunch reported.

In his speech, Prasad discussed however a dormant grandmother’s dependable could beryllium utilized to work their surviving kid a communicative astatine night, according to TechCrunch.

“This required inventions wherever we had to larn to nutrient a high-quality dependable with little than a infinitesimal of signaling versus hours of signaling successful the studio,” Prasad said.

“The mode we made it hap is by framing the occupation arsenic a dependable conversion task and not a code procreation path. We are unquestionably surviving successful the aureate epoch of AI, wherever our dreams and subject fictions are becoming a reality.”

Details are unclear arsenic to erstwhile the institution volition present the exertion to Alexa, Reuters reported, but Prasad said its extremity is to “make memories last,” considering the millions who person mislaid loved ones successful the COVID-19 pandemic.

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