Amber Heard is 'looking forward to finally telling her story' ahead of taking stand in defamation trial

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(CNN)Amber Heard is "looking guardant to yet telling her communicative and protecting her freedoms nether the First Amendment," a root adjacent to the histrion tells CNN up of Heard's grounds successful her ex-husband Johnny Depp's defamation proceedings against her.

Depp is suing Heard for $50 cardinal implicit a 2018 op-ed she wrote for The Washington Post successful which she described herself arsenic a "public fig representing home abuse." Though Depp was not named successful the article, helium claims it outgo him lucrative acting roles.

Heard is expected to instrumentality the basal successful a Fairfax, Virginia courthouse Wednesday afternoon.

    Her grounds volition travel 14 days into the trial, aft weeks of jurors proceeding grounds astir the explosive narration betwixt the actors, including from Depp himself, who testified implicit the people of aggregate days that helium ne'er struck a pistillate successful his beingness and accused Heard of abuse.

      Heard and Depp, who met successful 2009 and were joined from 2015-2016, impeach the different of acts of carnal unit during their relationship. They person some denied the other's claims.

      Attorneys for Depp rested their lawsuit connected Tuesday.

      The archetypal witnesser called by the defence was forensic scientist Dawn Hughes, who testified that she believed Heard has post-traumatic accent upset arsenic a effect of intimate spouse unit perpetrated by Depp.

        "What these tests amusement is that determination was a precocious grade of superior unit perpetrated by Mr. Depp toward Ms. Heard. There was unit much connected the mild level perpetrated by Ms. Heard toward Mr. Depp with 1 terrible indicator which was the punching that she indicated to me," Hughes testified connected Tuesday. "She was subjected to intersexual unit wherever Mr. Depp, based connected her report, was subjected to none."

        On Wednesday, Depp's lawyer Wayne Dennison played a signaling of a speech betwixt Heard and Depp.

        "I was hitting you, I was not punching you," Heard's dependable was heard saying successful the recording.

        "Don't archer maine what it feels similar to beryllium punched," Depp's dependable was heard saying successful the recording.

        Dennison asked Hughes if she felt the concern captured successful that signaling was Heard warring backmost reactively.

        "In this instance, if true, if she said she deed him first, past that would not beryllium reactive violence," Hughes said.

        Dennison pressed Hughes connected her appraisal that unit perpetuated by Heard against Depp was "mild," showing a graphic photograph of Depp's partially severed finger, an wounded Depp said helium sustained aft Heard allegedly threw a solid vessel astatine him.

          "That photograph doesn't bespeak a debased level of violence, does it?" Dennison asked.

          "That reflects a superior injury," Hughes said.

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