American Frances Tiafoe Beats Rafael Nadal At US Open And Loses It Afterward

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Frances Tiafoe buried his caput successful his hands. He cried. He wandered the tribunal for a bit.

What other was an up-and-coming tennis prima to bash aft defeating 22-time Grand Slam champ Rafael Nadal successful 4 sets Monday astatine the U.S. Open?

“I felt similar the satellite stopped,” Tiafoe said, according to The Associated Press. “I couldn’t perceive thing for a minute.”

One announcer called the upset “historic.”

Tiafoe, ranked 26th successful the world, appeared successful disbelief but insisted afterward that helium gave “one hellhole of a performance” due to the fact that “I conscionable believed I could bash it,” per CNN.

He is the youngest American to scope the quarterfinals since Andy Roddick did it astatine property 24 successful 2006, the Los Angeles Daily News noted. Roddick had antecedently won the tourney successful 2003.

But Tiafoe’s biggest thrill was accomplishing the feat earlier his parents, Constant and Alphina.

“To spot them acquisition maine bushed Rafa Nadal — they’ve seen maine person large wins, but to bushed those ‘Mount Rushmore’ guys? For them, I can’t ideate what was going done their heads,” helium said, per the AP.

Tiafoe’s parents had some emigrated from Sierra Leone erstwhile they met successful the U.S. His begetter got a occupation astatine a tennis grooming halfway successful Maryland, sleeping successful a retention country with Tiafoe and his duplicate member portion the parent worked nighttime shifts arsenic a nurse, according to CNN. Court entree paid off.

Nadal, who had won 22 consecutive Grand Slam matches, summed up this week’s stunning decision against Tiafoe.

“I played a atrocious lucifer and helium played a bully match,” Nadal said, per Planet Sport.

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