Americans Willing to Travel an Average of 469 Miles for a New Car

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  • According to a study performed by a Subaru dealership, Americans accidental they are consenting to question an mean region of 469 miles for their adjacent car.
  • The authorities prepared to question the farthest is (somewhat unsurprisingly) Alaska astatine 722 miles.
  • The survey consisted of 2690 drivers successful March 2022.

    Gas prices are high. Very high. That hasn't stopped Americans who are looking to conflict arsenic high, record-setting monthly car payments. As means of warring against rising car payments, prospective buyers are traveling farther retired from their section dealership groups than they whitethorn person successful the past. According to a survey conducted by a Subaru dealership successful Lexington, Kentucky, Americans accidental they are consenting to question an mean region of 469 miles to find their adjacent car.

    The survey surveyed 2690 drivers and broke down the miles consumers were consenting to question connected a state-by-state basis. Relatively unsurprisingly, the authorities consenting to question the largest fig of miles is Alaska astatine 722. The authorities slightest consenting to question is Vermont, with prospective buyers consenting to question 286 miles.

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    As we pointed retired successful March, finding bully deals connected cars is inactive imaginable for buyers who tin stay flexible. That was arsenic existent 2 years agone arsenic it is now, and though we don't person comparative numbers from pre-pandemic days, portion of the needed flexibility appears to beryllium willingness to question to get the car you want.

    Rather than focusing lone connected deals you tin find successful your ZIP code, it whitethorn beryllium worthy traveling beyond authorities borders successful bid to find a large deal. It whitethorn besides beryllium worthy considering ordering caller vehicles alternatively than looking astatine utilized cars which person seen a importantly larger terms leap than their caller counterparts. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' Consumer Price Index Summary, prices for caller vehicles were up conscionable implicit 10 percent successful January compared to a twelvemonth before. Prices of utilized vehicles were implicit 40 percent successful the aforesaid clip period. Most importantly, retrieve that this is temporary. Chip shortages volition end, trader tons volition capable backmost up and prices volition travel backmost down. There is simply a airy astatine the extremity of the tunnel, and that you're driving to conscionable it successful your adjacent imagination car.

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