Amy Schumer Says Son Was 'Rushed To ER' During 'SNL' Prep: 'Hardest Week Of My Life'

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Amy Schumer’s latest “Saturday Night Live” hosting gig went disconnected without a hitch, but down the scenes she experienced the “hardest week of my life” owed to a wellness scare involving her son.

The comedian shared successful an Instagram station connected Sunday that her 3-year-old son, Gene, was hospitalized with respiratory syncytial virus, oregon RSV, which has been on the emergence successful caller weeks.

“This was the hardest week of my life. I missed Thursday rehearsals erstwhile my lad was rushed to ER and admitted for RSV. Shout retired to each the parents going though this close now,” Schumer wrote, adding Gene is present “home and better.”

Despite the demands of hosting, Schumer said she “got to beryllium with him the full time astatine the hospital” owed to the enactment she received from the “beautiful humans” astatine the late-night sketch series.

The “Life & Beth” prima aboriginal shared a photograph of herself and Gene lying unneurotic successful a infirmary bed, penning crossed the pic, “This was our Thursday. RSV is not fucking around.”

RSV is simply a “common respiratory microorganism that usually causes mild, cold-like symptoms,” per the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, which notes the microorganism tin origin superior unwellness for infants and older adults.

According to caller information collected by the organization, RSV hospitalizations person accrued crossed the United States since the summertime months, resulting successful a melodramatic spike successful numbers of infections and hospitalizations implicit the past fewer weeks.

In Schumer’s 3rd stint arsenic big for “SNL,” the comedian opened the amusement with a suitably raunchy monologue, successful which she called retired Kanye West, riffed connected her ain gestation and poked amusive astatine her enactment beingness with hubby Chris Fischer. She made nary notation of her son’s wellness scare from the stage.

The occurrence besides featured the debut of philharmonic impermanent Steve Lacy, who performed his chart-topping azygous “Bad Habit.”

In her station connected Sunday, Schumer expressed her gratitude toward the formed and unit of the series.

“The crushed this amusement is truthful amusive to bash isn’t really the show oregon the amusement itself. It’s getting to walk clip with the radical there,” she wrote. “The formed and the writers of people but the radical who are down the scenes making it tally creaseless are my favorite.”

The comedian ended her connection with a shoutout to the “kindest humans” around, writing, “Thank you everyone determination and to the doctors and nurses who helped us.”

“SNL” returns adjacent week with big Dave Chappelle and philharmonic impermanent Black Star.

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