An algae bloom has killed thousands of fish in the San Francisco Bay Area

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A unit  removes dormant   food  lining the shores of Lake Merritt successful  Oakland connected  Wednesday.

(CNN)An algae bloom has killed thousands of food successful the San Francisco Bay Area successful caller weeks, officials say, forcing shoreline cleanups, spreading unpleasant odor and spurring scientists to further analyse the grade of the ecological damage.

The bloom was detected successful precocious July successful the Oakland and Alameda areas, and dormant food person since washed ashore successful the bay arsenic good arsenic astatine Oakland's Lake Merritt, California food and wildlife section spokesperson Jordan Traverso said.

"It's estimated that 10,000 yellowfin gobies died ... arsenic good arsenic hundreds of striped bass and hundreds of sturgeon," and the bloom astir apt is impacting each aquatic taxon successful the country "to immoderate degree," Traverso said.

The concern escalated aboriginal this week astatine Lake Merritt, wherever galore dormant food began lining the shores, Oakland officials said. Parts of the lake's shoreline were astir covered successful the carcasses of tiny fish, with much sizable food scattered about, images from the metropolis and CNN affiliates KPIX and KGO showed.

Dead food  floated this week connected  Oakland's Lake Merritt. An algae bloom determination   and elsewhere successful  the San Francisco Bay Area has killed thousands of fish.

A city-hired unit removed 1,200 pounds of food from the lake's shores Wednesday, continued enactment cleanup Thursday, and volition region floating worldly from the lake's aboveground into the weekend, the metropolis authorities said online. It acknowledged unpleasant odors astir the lake, abutted by a well-visited parkland and municipality surroundings.

"You tin odor -- it's not like, awful-awful, but there's decidedly a stench," Mitchell Manburg, who was exercising successful the area, told CNN affiliate KPIX this week, earlier the cleanup started.

Algae blooms and dormant food were reported not lone on the Oakland and Lake Merritt shorelines, but besides "for galore miles to the northbound and southbound on the coastline," Oakland's merchandise reads.

Precisely what killed the food wasn't instantly known, but it's "likely related to dissolved oxygen levels and/or toxins produced by the algal bloom," Traverso said.

The origin of the bloom besides wasn't clear. Oakland's authorities cited respective imaginable sources and contributing conditions.

A city-hired unit  cleans the Lake Merritt shoreline successful  Oakland connected  Wednesday.

"Generally, accrued inputs of nutrients similar nitrogen and phosphorus (from fertilizers and quality oregon carnal wastes), debased h2o flows, stagnant water, accrued strength and duration of sunlight, and sustained precocious temperatures make the perfect conditions for these blooms," the city's online post reads.

"Current probe suggests that the rising temperatures and changing precipitation patterns caused by clime alteration are a catalyst for their growth," the station continued.

Algae are a earthy portion of the ecosystem, but erstwhile they are overabundant the compounds they merchandise tin accumulate to levels harmful to wildlife and people, the California Water Quality Monitoring Council says.

The authorities food and wildlife section is moving to illustration strategical locations to "verify the grade of the harm to food and aquatic species," Traverso said.

Oakland's nationalist works section and its h2o committee detected "low levels of contaminants associated with harmful algae blooms" successful May, the metropolis said. The metropolis past posted signs informing water visitors that harmful algae mightiness beryllium there, and to not interaction the water, it said.

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