Ana de Armas cries as 'Blonde' receives 14-minute standing ovation in Venice

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(CNN)Ana de Armas grew affectional astatine the premiere of her Marilyn Monroe biopic, "Blonde," astatine the Venice Film Festival.

The movie landed a 14-minute lasting ovation connected Thursday, wherever de Armas was seen wiping tears from her look and hugging her costar, Adrien Brody.

The histrion stars arsenic Monroe successful the movie, which was adapted from Joyce Carol Oates' caller of the aforesaid name. Brody plays her 3rd husband, Arthur Miller.

    Brody had earlier praised her show astatine the film's property conference, saying de Armas was capable to transport him "to different clip and place."

      De Armas told the UK's Sunday Times that the relation required a batch of preparation.

      'It took maine 9 months of dialect coaching, and practicing and immoderate further dialog replacement sessions [to cleanable the accent]. It was a large torture, truthful exhausting. My encephalon was fried," she told the outlet.

        Brad Pitt, a shaper connected the film, besides showed up to the premiere.

          Blonde is retired connected Netflix connected 28 September.

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