Analysis: Pelosi angers China but Taiwan, not the US, may pay the higher price

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(CNN)When US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi touched down successful Taiwan connected Tuesday night, China was acceptable with its response.

In speedy succession, a slew of authorities and governmental bodies fired disconnected statements condemning the sojourn and informing of its "severe impact" connected US-China relations, portion China's subject said it would instantly motorboat "air and oversea exercises" and released a program for drills surrounding the land successful coming days.

Pelosi's visit -- the archetypal by a top-ranked US lawmaker successful 25 years and portion of a larger Asia circuit -- was seen by Beijing arsenic a "major governmental provocation" and a situation to China's sovereignty. China's ruling Communist Party claims the self-governed ideology of Taiwan arsenic its own, contempt ne'er having controlled it.

    China to clasp  unrecorded  ammunition subject   drills astir   Taiwan arsenic  Pelosi visits

    Despite Beijing's objections, Pelosi and a legislature delegation embarked connected a bid of precocious illustration meetings astatine Taiwan's legislature and astatine the bureau of Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen, wherever the California Democrat said her delegation came to nonstop an "unequivocal message" that "America stands with Taiwan."

      "We privation Taiwan to ever person state with information and we're not backing distant from that," Pelosi said, praising the courageousness of the Taiwanese radical to uphold democracy.

      Pelosi's defiance of China's warnings not to sojourn the land whitethorn person aggravated troubled US-China relations, but analysts accidental the enactment apt to extremity up feeling the brunt of Beijing's unit is not the United States, but Taiwan.

      Live-fire drills

        Beijing wasted nary clip making its displeasure wide arsenic the US Air Force pitchy carrying Pelosi's delegation touched down successful Taiwan connected Tuesday evening, but its effect truthful acold has been much restrained than somwe of the possibilities floated by nationalist voices successful China successful caller days.

        China's subject volition tally exercises astir Taiwan and motorboat a bid of "targeted subject operations to counteract the situation," according to statements released by its Eastern Theater Command and Ministry of Defense Tuesday.

        Does Taiwan person  its ain  airspace? China sets subject   drills adjacent  to land  aft  Pelosi visit

        An authoritative representation indicating the determination of immoderate of these planned drills -- initially acceptable to tally Thursday to Sunday -- suggest they are person to the land than erstwhile exercises -- and adjacent encroach connected Taiwan's territorial waters. Analysts accidental that indicates they are an escalation from erstwhile threats leveraged by Beijing against Taiwan.

        The representation shows the drills volition encircle the land much wholly than erstwhile exercises -- including the subject workout areas and rocket splashdown zones during a large situation successful the Taiwan Strait successful the mid-1990s.

        With these drills, China has "gone a batch farther than they ever person before," according to Carl Schuster, a erstwhile US Navy skipper and erstwhile manager of operations astatine the US Pacific Command's Joint Intelligence Center.

        "The geopolitical awesome being sent is that China tin adjacent Taiwan's aerial and oversea entree whenever it wants," helium said.

        Taiwan's Defense Ministry successful a property briefing Wednesday called the program tantamount to a "maritime and aerial blockade" that would "threaten planetary waterway, situation the planetary order, undermine cross-strait presumption quo and endanger determination security."

        But however important the exercises would yet beryllium would beryllium connected what happens successful the coming days, according to governmental idiosyncratic Chong Ja Ian of the National University of Singapore, who said overmuch was astatine involvement for China's representation astatine location and abroad.

        "Beijing (does not) privation to escalate things successful a mode it cannot control. At the aforesaid time, it cannot nonstop a awesome that looks excessively weak," said Chong, noting the second would person home ramifications for Chinese person Xi Jinping and perchance impact Beijing's quality "to marque different determination states toed its line."

        "What that saccharine spot looks similar (for Beijing) nary 1 truly knows," helium said.

        'National humiliation'

        But adjacent arsenic China launches its response, Pelosi's touchdown successful Taipei, and her precocious illustration docket of meetings Wednesday, marked a important setback for Beijing, which had for days sought to deter her travel with threats of retaliation and warnings astir crossing a "red line."

        And disappointment of the nonaccomplishment of those threats was palpable successful immoderate circles successful China.

        However, Hu Xijin, a governmental pundit and erstwhile editor-in-chief of the state-run nationalist tabloid Global Times -- who had warned of Chinese subject retaliation against the US successful the lead-up to Pelosi's travel -- tried to temper immoderate discontent.

        "Pelosi landed successful Taiwan, which of people reflects that our deterrent powerfulness is not capable to halt her aboriginal offensive," Hu wrote successful a station connected his verified Weibo relationship Wednesday.

        "But if you are precise frustrated due to the fact that of this, reasoning that we person 'lost' and encountered a caller 'national humiliation,' it's a spot exaggerated then. Some individuals tin deliberation that way, but we indispensable not person specified a corporate vulnerability," helium said.

        Pelosi's sojourn came astatine a peculiarly delicate clip for China arsenic Xi, the country's astir almighty person successful decades, is preparing to interruption conventions and question a 3rd word astatine the Communist Party's 20th Congress this fall. And that raises the stakes of China's nonaccomplishment to dissuade the talker from visiting, analysts say.

        'Win hearts and minds' successful  Taiwan and Hong Kong, Chinese person  Xi urges Communist Party

        "The Chinese tried to to usage saber rattling and usage the rhetorical warfare successful bid to deter Pelosi's trip, and they went overboard with their threats," said Yun Sun, manager of the China Program astatine the Stimson Center successful Washington, pointing to rhetoric successful China's nationalist sphere implicit imaginable actions similar nary fly-zones oregon adjacent intercepting Pelosi's plane.

        "Now Pelosi decided to person the travel and that leaves the Chinese hanging, due to the fact that they can't truly deliver," she said.

        This reveals "quite a fewer problems" successful China's overseas policy, "that they deliberation saber rattling is capable to get them what they want, but the outgo of that is their aboriginal credibility," she said.

        And portion the concern was improbable to impact Xi's determination into a 3rd term, the visit, particularly connected the heels of his telephone with US President Joe Biden past week successful which the Chinese person warned the US against "playing with fire" connected the Taiwan issue, was a "major embarrassment" domestically, Sun said.

        Fallout for Taiwan

        But portion Beijing's choler was directed astatine the US talker -- who Chinese officials accused of "knowingly and maliciously" provoking a "crisis" -- analysts said Taiwan stands to consciousness the brunt of its fury.

        The planned subject exercises, meant to "squeeze Taiwan," would apt beryllium followed up with continued actions successful the Taiwan Strait, according to Sun.

        China hits Taiwan with commercialized   restrictions aft  Pelosi visit

        "The Pelosi sojourn really volition pb to a caller escalation of the Chinese subject coercion of Taiwan successful the foreseeable future. That punishment is the cardinal of the Chinese effect astatine this point, due to the fact that it cannot punish the United States," she said.

        Taiwan is besides acceptable to carnivore an economic penalty for its actions, with China's Taiwan Affairs Office connected Wednesday announcing a suspension connected the import of definite citrus fruits and seafood products from the island. Chinese Customs successful a abstracted connection pegged the suspensions to hygiene concerns, but it is not the archetypal clip China has banned Taiwanese products amid escalating tensions.

        China's Ministry of Commerce besides announced Wednesday it would instantly suspend its export of earthy soil to Taiwan, a cardinal constituent for the accumulation of semiconductor chips -- a determination Taiwan's Bureau of Mines said would person "limited" effect.

        And successful the look of China's plans for subject drills, Taiwan's Maritime and Port Bureau besides issued 3 notices connected Wednesday, asking vessels to usage alternate routes for 7 ports astir the island.

        Taiwan besides started negotiating with neighboring Japan and the Philippines to find alternate aviation routes to debar Chinese assets.

        Pelosi departed the land Wednesday, leaving a defiant Taiwan nether adjacent much unit arsenic China vents its fury.

          When asked during a regular quality briefing successful Beijing whether the export suspension was meant to punish Taiwan implicit Pelosi's visit, China's Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs Hua Chunying refused to remark connected circumstantial commercialized actions but said "one happening is definite here."

          "The US and Taiwan separatist forces indispensable instrumentality the work and wage the terms for the mistakes they made," she said.

          CNN's Beijing bureau contributed reporting.

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